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23 Times Zayn’s Vocal’s Were Absolutely Perfect

Zayn Malik is currently working on some solo material and we’re sure it’s going to blow us all away.  For now it’s still hard to imagine anything beating some of the incredible notes he hit on stage during his time with One Direction.  In honor of his 23rd birthday we wanted to take a look at just 23 times he killed all of us with his incredible talent.

23. This Rock Me note change

Even without his incredible note changes Rock Me emphasized Zayn’s talent but adding in this note change was absolute perfection – it still makes our knees weak!

22. This Right Now note change

Right Now is one of One Direction’s most underrated songs and Zayn’s notes throughout it are absolutely incredible – the small run he added to this part of the song was beautiful and fit the tune perfectly.

21. His Little White Lies solo

Zayn’s solo in Little White Lies was absolute heaven on the album and even better performed live – something about this song is impossible for us to get over and Zayn had a lot to do with that!

20. His voice in Little Things

This slow tune was the perfect opportunity for each of the lads to show off their vocal strength and Zayn’s is beautiful.  His voice in Little Things is as smooth as honey.

19. This epic run in Where Do Broken Hearts Go


18. Showing off his low register in Change Your Ticket

While Zayn is most well known for his killer high notes, he’s got a sick lower range as well.

17. Showing off his high register in Change Your Ticket

With octave movement this seamless, Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande better watch their backs.

16. His With You cover

Zayn slaying us with the vocals since he was just a fetus.

15. His vocal hiccup in Stockholm Syndrome

OMG, that little break in his voice when he sings “being held by you” – we can’t deal.

14. This Ready to Run moment

We’d say this deserves about 25 Grammys.

13. His Steal My Girl riffs

Acoustic Steal My Girl? Yas. Acoustic Steal My Girl featuring Zayn riffing his little heart out? YAAAASSSSSS!!!

12. This Man in the Mirror cover

If Michael Jackson were still here, we’re sure he’d approve.

11. This Loved You First moment

Our reaction is the same as Louis, Liam, and Niall.

10. His You and I high note

Zayn’s high note in You and I will never be anything other than extraordinary – we don’t even have anything else to say.

9. His solo in Night Changes

Those vocals, that strand of hair, the way he delicately holds the microphone – it’s a resounding yes from us.

8. His harmonies with Liam in Moments

Please don’t deprive the world of a Ziam collaboration any longer.

7. This riff in Tell Me A Lie

King of vocals.

6. His voice in Girl Almighty

Girl Almighty is a such a banger and Zayn is incredible, as usual!  Couldn’t you just listen to this on repeat forever?

5. His vocals on Teenage Dirtbag


4. This other incredible Rock Me moment

40% grit, 35% runs, 25% sustained note – 100% rockstar.

3. His entire No Type cover

If his zolo material sounds anything close to this, we won’t make it out alive.

2. This You and I moment

You & I had to be featured more than once – Zayn’s voice made the entire song.  It’s an emotional tune already but this moment, the way he held this note, somehow broke all of our hearts at the same time it put them back together.  We won’t ever be over this!

1. His Where Do Broken Hearts Go note change

As if there were any doubts at all; this note change is definitely Zayn’s most incredible vocal moment.  Twitter was up in flames after this happened and even now, after a year, fans still aren’t over it.  It was unexpected, it was flawlessly executed, and it absolutely blew us away.

Happy Birthday Zayn! We look forward to many more incredible vocal performances to come!


Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.