23 of Zayn Malik’s Best Tweets

Zayn Malik is turning twenty-three this week and we couldn’t be more emotional about it! We were there from 2010 when he was scared to dance on the X Factor and we’re here now at the beginning of his solo career. Our eyes were really teary the entire time we were looking through the memories on Zayn’s Twitter account.

However we’ve made it through and picked 23 of Zayn’s tweets which we think are really important, sassy, or funny. Or everything all at once.

23. Nothing’s changed…

We can just guess whether or not was this tweet addressed to the 1D fans.

22. Thanks bro!

One of the most iconic tweets of 2015 for the One Direction/Zayn fandom! Zayn was responding to Liam’s tweet about the 1D anniversary. This was the first time Zayn’s interacted with the boys since he left the band on March 25th.

21. Z016

Zayn tweeted this on January 1st this year. 2016 is totally going to be Zayn’s year!

20. Proud of my boys

After One Direction‘s single Drag Me Down was released – Zayn tweeted this and we cried. A lot.


When he signed a contract with RCA Records

18. I cut my own sleeves

When they were at the beginning of the OTRA tour in Australia and Zayn cut off the sleeves of his jumper…

17. Smiley face

Sometimes a little gesture like this is all we need to see.

16. Mumma’s boy

When Zayn was being really cute and missing his mum – this was too adorable.

15. A’s in English

When someone accused him of improper spelling and Zayn was being sassy.

14. Harry is perfect

For the Zarry shippers – this one’s for you!

13. That awkward moment (not really)

We can just guess who was this aimed at.

12. Yesterday, today and tomorrow…

Sometimes the deep thoughts engulf us all.

11. Things can always get better

This was motivational and really sweet.

10. Happy

Zayn is happy so we are happy.

9. Another awkward moment…

For the Zerrie shippers (this got us a bit emo, too).

8. VasZAPPening

We all sure remember the times when Zayn put ‘ZAP’ into almost every tweet, right?

7. When you he got angry…

One of the most iconic tweets from 2014!

6. #FreePalestine

This is also a very, very important tweet to include.

5. Love yourself

Even though Zayn tweeted this in 2011, it got the most recognition in 2015, after he left the band…

4. Zquad

This made Zayn’s fans swoon, when he tweeted the name of his fandom!

3. No one knows you

When he totally slayed Naughty Boy…

2. Miss ya already

The one time when Louis was sick and couldn’t be with the boys. This isn’t that long ago, is it? (Yes, we need tissues, too.)

1. Brothers

Probably one of the most important tweets…

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Written by CelebMix