24 Times Louis Tomlinson Made us Laugh so Hard we Cried

One of our many favourite things about Louis Tomlinson is his sense of humour. Louis became known as the funny member of One Direction amongst fans pretty quickly, and that title is certainly well-deserved. Louis has incredible comedic timing and his jokes never go unnoticed. He never fails to make his fans laugh even on bad days, and we feel like we would probably laugh along even if we were the target of one of his many sarcastic comments. In honor of Louis’ 24th birthday we have found 24 times he made us laugh so hard we shed a few tears!

24. Teasing interviewer for forgetting the name of the album 

24 times Louis Tomlinson made us laugh so hard we cried 1

A radio interviewer forgot the name of One Direction’s newest album and Louis noticed it right away.

23. One Direction’s video tour diary

This video is filled with hilarious Louis moments. We are not certain which moment is the funniest, but we probably all looked and sounded like Niall while we watched it.

22. Doing the Macarena

Louis has invented a few amazing dance moves like “pat the dog, screw the light bulb” and “stop the traffic and let them through”, but him dancing to this classic is one of the greatest things we’ve ever seen.

21. “Now you can write about that”

During a press conference about One Direction’s tour – Dan Wootton from The Sun kept asking questions about whether their girlfriends would visit them on tour, as if that was the most interesting thing to know. Louis finally answered that, yes, they would surely come out to see them. He then proceeded with one of his most sarcastic comments to date, and we are still finding it funny!

20. Funny faces

24 times Louis Tomlinson made us laugh so hard we cried 4

This amazing moment happened during a press conference for Made In The A.M. and we’ve thanked the Gods above ever since. We are unable to stop laughing at this.

19. “Harry’s getting head” 

This happened after One Direction won their first BRIT Award back in 2012. They were asked who got the head of the statuette and Louis answered “Harry’s getting head”. Harry looked like it was the funniest thing in the world while Louis looked pretty pleased with himself.

18. Talking to Niall during water fight

24 times Louis Tomlinson made us laugh so hard we cried 6

Now, we’re sure that Louis didn’t intent to be one of his funniest moments, but many fans were amused when they saw this clip. Nobody actually knows what exactly he is saying, but from the angle it looks like Louis is a tiny boy trying to fight a giant. Tough but small.

17. Megamind

The old Megamind videos, where Louis was the host, were comedy gold. Wouldn’t Louis be the perfect host of a game show?

16. Fighting a moth

Louis fighting a tiny moth is definitely a fan favourite. This is both adorable and funny at the same time.

15. X Factor video diaries

The video diaries One Direction made during The X Factor were a gift from God regarding funny Louis moments. A lovely YouTube user put some of the best moments together in an amazing video.

14. Prank calling 118 118

Louis decided to prank call 118 118 during a Twitcam he did with Harry. Although we feel a bit sorry for the poor guy on the phone we can’t help but laugh.

13. “You did that shit! I did that good!”


During an interview with MTV Harry messed up his line (“We have always been big fans of… fucking bullshit.”) Louis didn’t hesitate a second to let him know what he thought.

12. Water fights on stage

Although Louis is turning 24 he still loves to act a bit younger and have fun – even when he’s working. His numerous water fights, mostly with Liam, on stage are a proof of that. It’s both funny and refreshing to see him act more carefree on stage.

11. “That’s called a cruise”

Louis can’t even hold his sarcasm back when it comes to himself.

10. “You little shit”

An interviewer asked Louis about Perfect and the meaning behind it. Louis had a feeling that the guy hadn’t even heard it, and he was right.

9. Buzz Buzz

Louis got very competitive during this quiz. Unfortunately for him and Liam, they lost to Harry and Niall.

8. Getting sarcastic with Niall

We’re pretty sure that everyone has watched the One Direction Carpool Karaoke with James Corden already. When they were about to make the video for No Control James gave them all matching denim shirts. That gave us this glorious moment:

Niall: I’m now wearing double denim, so…

Louis: Oh yeah you’re winning already then, Niall

7. The chocolate coin fight with Harry

Louis and Harry had a little contest about who could open the most chocolate coins in a minute. When Louis started cheating it turned into a chocolate coin fight and then a spontaneous (fake) make out session. They then continued to trash the room with Louis going hilariously overboard.

6. “Then leave the band”


This comment to Liam had us all in stitches.

5. “Can anyone hear running water?”

Louis being unable to start reading is undoubtedly one of our favourite moments.

4. “Well what do you bring Liam? No hair!”

This moment happened back when Liam had his head shaved. During this interview Liam said that Louis brought way too much clothes with him on tour. Louis’ response? “Well what do you bring Liam? No hair!”

3. He has never smoked a joint


During a game of Never Have I Ever with Jonathan Ross the boys were asked if they had ever smoked a joint. They were very hesitant to answer, but Louis finally said “never” with the biggest grin on his face.

2. He doesn’t know anything about roundabouts in Malaysia

This little gem occurred during the infamous 1D Day in a game of true or false. They had to guess if Malaysia is home to one of the world’s largest roundabouts.

1. When the interviewer had a feeling Louis was a “bowl licker”


Needless to say, it’s clear what Louis thought she was saying, and his reaction was priceless.


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