25 of Harry Styles’ Best Outfits

Harry Styles has many qualities: his voice, his hair, his heart of gold, his hilarious knock-knock jokes and of course, his totally fabulous fashion sense. He and his skinny jeans/gold boots/fancy shirts have become something of a staple look in men’s fashion and it’s fair to say he’s pretty iconic. Harry has been through many phases in recent years: from bandanas to fedoras, jazzy-print shirts to high-fashion designer suits. We thought you deserved a quick round up of his 25 best outfits. You’re welcome.

1. The floral Gucci suit
Earlier this week, Harry Styles got everybody talking after he arrived at the American Music Awards sporting a gorgeous flared, floral Gucci suit. There may have been a few negative comments over this outfit but we think it’s wonderful. More than that, we’re proud of Harry for having the confidence to show off his own unique style. 25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 1

2. The other Gucci suit

Always a fan of designer brands, it seems like funky Gucci suits were made for Harry. He wore this other one to a Love magazine party earlier this year.25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 2

3.  The striped suit

Another of Harry’s greatest suit ventures: this black and red striped Lanvin suit that H graced the red carpet with at the British Fashion Awards in 2014.

25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 14. The all-black wedding attire

Putting a Harry-twist on a simple black suit, H added a fedora and showed off his tattooed chest at Louis’ mum’s wedding last year. Throw some aviator sunglasses into the mix and he looks like an actual model.

25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 3

5 The loveheart shirt

Way back in 2013 One Direction released a documentary-film called This Is Us, dunno if you remember. And as the world premiere for this was pretty important, Mr Styles thought it was only appropriate to bring out a fancy black and white loveheart shirt. Glorious.

25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 4

6. The pink shirt

Two years later and Harry still rocks a fancy shirt. At the 2015 Apple Music Festival, Harry gave a flawless performance whilst wearing this pink spotty number.

25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 6

Other of Harry’s jazzy shirt/skinny jeans combos include:

7. The pink feathers

Hi, Starbucks.

25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 7

8.  The multi-patterned shirt

This made 1D Orlando sooooo much better.

25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 8

9.  The 101 Dalmations plus man-bag

Jimmy Kimmel 2014 was a stylish affair.

25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 9

Speaking of Jimmy Kimmel, Harry brought it all back for 1D’s performance on the show this year, prancing about the stage in some floral trousers, also known as No. 10.

25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 10

11. The Saint Laurent bomber jacket, as seen on GMA

Good Morning America  Harry Styles.

One Direction performs a special concert for Good Morning America, NYC debuting their first new song "Drag Me Down" without Zayn Malik Pictured: Harry Styles Ref: SPL1094220 040815 Picture by: Derek Storm / Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles:310-821-2666 New York:212-619-2666 London:870-934-2666 photodesk@splashnews.com

Harry is a pretty fashion-forward guy and in his younger days often enjoyed being on the FROW at London Fashion Week. Here’s a couple of his best LFW ensembles.

12. The leopard t-shirt

Nice coat, too.

25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 12

13. The weird hands t-shirt

Strange, but very cool.

25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 13

Harry Styles has been through his fair share of headwear phases. There was:

14. The bandana

Plus his beloved flannel shirt.

25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 14

15. The fedora

Actual model material.

25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 15

16. The fedora again

Just ‘cos we love it, and the Teen Choice Awards do too.

25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 16

The Teen Choice Awards 2013 were glorious, on the red carpet and on the stage. So here’s No. 17.

25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 17

18. The embroidered blazer

This Prince Charming-esque jacket looks like something out of a Disney cartoon. We love.

25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 18

19. The striped trousers

Oh so sophisticated.25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 19

20. The flannel shirt

Throwing it all the way back to the Midnight Memories photoshoot. Has anybody seen Harry’s quiff? Last spotted in 2013.

25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 20

21. The Take Me Home bow tie

Woah, massive throwback here. If you remember this outfit you may as well crack out the rocking chair and accept your age. Still cute, though.

25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 21

22. But who could forget the yellow shorts?


25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 22

23. The Marcel costume

The Best Song Ever music video: possibly the greatest of all time. We saw Zayn transform into Veronica Malik whilst Liam was busting out some moves as Leeroy the choreographer. But nothing could prepare us for Marcel the marketing guy.25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 23

24. The Miley Cyrus costume

After his stint as Marcel Harry clearly got a taste for the whole dressing up malarkey, and decided it’d be a GREAT idea to dress up as Miley Cyrus for Halloween. Ooh controversial, but apparently he checked with Miley and she said it was fine. All good.

25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 2525.  The X Factor audition outfit

Baggy trousers + cardigan + scarf + curly hair = cute 16 year old Harry Styles. Looking at this photo makes us realise just how much Harry has changed, both in style and confidence. We’re so proud, it’s like he’s our own child or something.

25 of Harry Styles' Best Outfits 26

So there you have it: 25 of Harry Styles’ best outfits. There’s more out there for sure, but so many outfits, so little time. Do you have a favourite of Harry’s looks? Let us know with a tweet @CelebMix.

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