25th September marks #1YearOfLoveMeLikeYou for Little Mix

Can you believe we’ve been singing sha la la la for a year now? That’s right, Little Mix’s song ‘Love Me Like You’ is celebrating it’s first birthday today – AW! We feel like proud parents!

The track was the second single from their third studio album, ‘Get Weird,’ and was produced by Steve Mac, who co-wrote the song with Iain James, Camille Purcell and James Newman. Despite the album being extremely pop orientated, this track was praised by critics for having a more ‘old school sound’ and being one which took older generations back to the music of their teenage years. The smash hit is a down-tempo retro homage to doo-wop, a genre of music developed in African-American communities in some states of America in the 1940s. Its composition was compared by several critics to Motown stars of the 1950s and 1960s too, particularly The Ronettes, The Supremes and Shadow Morton.

We love it when Little Mix songs are praised highly by the public, as well as Mixers, so it was great to read such positive responses to this vintage track, which was also highlighted by many as being an album stand-out!


LMLY reached number 11 on the UK Singles Chart and has been certified gold by the BPI. Additionally, the girls looked just as beautiful in the music video as they sound on the track itself. It was set at a high school dance and followed each girl as they were invited by an attractive male to the event. However, once the band arrived at the dance and waited for their date, they soon found out that the same guy had invited them all! He then proceeded to spend the night with a totally different girl, leaving the Little Mix ladies heartbroken and to dance with each other on the dance floor. It has had almost 80 million views on YouTube though, so hopefully the girls don’t feel sombre anymore!

Mixers across the globe have been celebrating the one year anniversary of ‘Love Me Like You’ on social media and many of them, just like us, simply cannot believe where the time has gone!




Congratulations to our fave girls on one year of an amazing song. Do you guys reckon Little Mix’s fourth album will contain any old school tracks like LMLY? The suspense is unbearable! Tweet us your thoughts @CelebMix!

Written by CelebMix