30 times Camila Cabello was the greatest person on Twitter

Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello is probably one of our favourite people to follow on Twitter. Whether you want deep song lyrics, thought-provoking quotes about the meaning of life, soppy messages to Harmonizers or Tweets about hilarious situations that we can all relate to, she’s got it all.

Not only does Camila use her platform to show her gratitude to her millions of adoring fans and to spread positivity, she also uses it to entertain the masses, often sharing her embarrassing moments, frustrations and those odd questions that we all ask ourselves on a daily basis yet are too afraid to say out loud.

Therefore, we’ve decided to compile a list of thirty Tweets which pretty much sum up why Camila Cabello is the greatest person on Twitter. Yes, she can sing, dance and perform, but this 5H babe is a social media Queen as well.

1) The time her whole life flashed before her eyes (like, literally)


2) The time she reassured her followers that even the biggest stars forget to zip their jeans up sometimes


3) The time she told us which ‘Friends’ character she would be

4) The time she totally died to Cher Lloyd

5) The time she answered her own question whilst giving a top music recommendation

6) The time she requested her fans’ fabulous editing skills for a “school project”


7) The time she asked a question we ask ourselves on a daily basis

8) The time she shared a problem we have every time we look at our selfies

9) The time she realised she’s actually a better driver IRL than she is on Mario Kart

10) The time she gave her young fans a piece of advice that will get them through the rest of their lives


11) The time she praised Victoria’s Secret employees kindness as well as declining their help at the same time

12) The time she showed her fans how grateful she is for their support by totally looking after their health at the same time


13) The time she played everyone’s favourite airport game

14) The time Miley Cyrus pretty much finished her off

15) The time she threatened 1D’s Liam in the nicest possible way

16) The time she addressed Fifth Harmony break-up rumours in what could possibly be the greatest way any celebrity has ever addressed a rumour of all time

17) The time she was totally subtle about who the greatest Spanish teacher is when Shawn Mendes said he wanted to learn Spanish again

18) The time she turned seventeen and wanted to share her immediate thoughts with the world as soon as she woke up

19) The time she lived every five year old’s dream

20) The time she understood the true meaning of happiness

21) The time she asked a question that we ask ourselves, approximately, seventy four times an hour

22) The time she related to the One Direction Fandom on a spiritual level

23) The time she just had to make the best of what she had, despite the pain it caused her

24) The time she defended men and used her platform to promote Feminism (as she has done on more than one occasion)

25) The time she put all of our feelings into one single Tweet

26) The time Starbucks just completely crossed the line

27) The time she expressed her love for glass doors

28) The time she thought someone was Lauren but it just totally wasn’t Lauren

29) The time she used one simple Tweet to make a whole load of people’s days a whole lot better

30) Last but not least, we have to end with this…the time she made a Harmonizer feel special through her sweet words


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Written by CelebMix