The People You Sit Next To At A 1D Concert

I am double digits into the amount of times I have seen One Direction live. I’ve done it all, and most times, alone. This means all around me are new people to meet….or wish I never had to meet.

*The girls dressed in a home made t-shirt, denim cut offs, white knee highs, converse, bandana, war paint and braided hair.


*The entire extended Mexican family that took up two rows.

Sleeping baby and all. I kid you not. They told me they came from some unpronounceable city to which I kindly nodded and smiled.

*The girl in front of me who held a sign that read “I love your facial structure.”

No comment.

*The mother who silently judges you and prays you’re not a screamer.

You only know Harry, leave me alone.

*The girl who was forcefully brought by friends.

“Which one is Liam?”

*The girls way to emotionally involved before the show starts.

As in every single time a Little Mix or 5SOS music video comes on, they scream, sing, and even have according dance moves. No lie.

*The girls invested in 1D girlfriends.

“I just don’t understand how anyone can hate Eleanor.”, followed by a discussion of what she would do if she dated one of the boys.

*The chill multiple show gals

“Is this your first show this tour?” “I think this is my sixth.” “Fourth.”

*The Larry shippers.

Handing out rainbow flags and hugs to anyone who wants one.

*The intense Larry shippers.

Who scream when Harry and Louis stand at a 20 foot radius from each other.

*The mid twenty-something fan.

We had a great discussion on college majors.

*The girls who are not prepared for the second verse of “Better Than Words”.

Are we ever truly prepared for that magical double crotch grab? No. The answer is no.

*The concerned father.

“I thought this was a kids show.”

So, Which one am I?

I’m typically the one who ends up eating during the opening act, starts off the clapping sequence in “What Makes You Beautiful” and attempts to dance with you during “Little White Lies”.

Written by CelebMix