One Direction: Another Day, Another Scandal

We like to think that Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall can do no wrong; but at the end of the day they are merely human, as are we, and sometimes everyone in this world is guilty of making a mistake – either on their own accord or by association.

The ‘breaking news’ today surrounding One Direction is that their hiatus’ largest contributing factor was an incident that happened two weeks ago.


Maybe we’re missing something but hasn’t the One Direction fandom been anticipating this break since, oh…summer?  

That’s what we thought.

Anyway; so Radar Online is reporting that the boys have no choice but to take a break after they were parked illegally in a handicapped spot during their filming with James Corden for Carpool Karaoke.  Oh no One Direction.

Is this one of their best looks?  We’d have to say no, but do we think they were being absolutely terrible selfish pop-stars without a care for anyone who may have needed that spot?  Not a chance.

A ‘witness’ to the event gave their story to Radar and it’s definitely meant to spin the innocent victim, selfish pop-star narrative.  Apparently a woman approached someone from the set and told them they were in a spot she needed and someone ‘filming who seemed to be a supervising producer’ replied with “Please don’t tell on us, we’ll move”.

The thing is; it all could have ended here if someone would have moved the vehicle, but that didn’t happen.  The witness reported next that the same woman left the post office and yelled at them for remaining in the spot, thus denying people who need the ability to park close the right to do so.

With the holidays fast approaching and parking lots being more full than usual, it’s said the woman who needed the spot had to walk a substantial distance to get into the post office and we understand why that caused major upset.  It’s wrong, it shouldn’t have happened, and we’re not sure why that’s the spot they felt they needed to use for filming – but we imagine, with a little looking around, someone in charge could have directed them to a better, legal, location to film.

It seems that there wasn’t room for a proper apology either as the witness said the crew began to run and drive off in different directions (we hate these play on word things) and we’re shaking our heads about that too.  The ‘supervising producer’ who spoke to the woman definitely should have issued an apology for taking up a spot and done so with sincerity.  Something that may seem small to one person is a big deal to another – and we 100% think this entire situation should have been dealt with a little more kindly.

There have been a series of photos posted online through the years that show no one is exempt from the law and that even celebrities have to make sure they follow the rules.  This isn’t what’s upset One Direction fans today; instead the way the story was reported is what’s made them a bit sour.

The witness makes sure to say that the woman was sending a card to ‘an elderly’ friend and that’s going to pull on heart strings immediately – mean young pop stars put a burden on the shoulders of someone trying to mail a gift to an aging friend.  Word play is a big tool that journalists use to draw sympathy and other emotions into a story without the reader even noticing.  If you look at photos from the scene as well you’ll notice an empty handicapped spot being shown, ready to use too…perhaps the big fuss was all for nothing?  The next thing that’s got One Direction fans rolling their eyes?  That Radar Online says this particular incident is the straw that broke the camel’s back and made the boys know their break was necessary.

Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall are taking a break because they’ve been over worked, over toured, and away from their families for five years.  They are taking a break because they’ve had some incredible high points, but also some substantial lows and it’s time to reflect on what it’s all meant to them so far – and what it means to their future.  They’re taking a break because even though their lives seem, to some, like one big vacation; they’ve traveled the world and never really got to experience that much of it.  It’s like going to Disney World and never getting off the tram – you get to see nice places, but they’re not tangible.

The stories spun however say that Niall, Liam, Harry, and Louis are taking a break because of hidden drug use, baby scandals, in house hatred, awful decision making, and an inability to stand being around each other for another second.  The stories spun, like this one posted today, make the general public see One Direction as no more than a set of young men thrown into high circumstance with no regard for “the little people”.  That narrative has to be the most damaging to Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall’s hearts because they’ve never, not even for a moment, given off any reason for people to believe that they’re uncaring.

As we said earlier, we understand that even our favorite celebrities are going to make mistakes and this is definitely a lesson to be learned.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.