4 Celebrities Who Love To Party And Gamble in Vegas

Without the never-ceasing interest it receives from Hollywood celebrities, Las Vegas would never have become the city it is today. Hollywood musicians, sports stars, actors, etc., have paid respects to Sin City by partying Vegas-style.

Las Vegas offers us to catch a glimpse of the lavish lifestyle of celebrities. You can indulge in numerous extravagant activities, gamble in high-end casinos on the Strip, party in some of Vegas’s most renown nightclubs, or simply take a walk down the Strip. The best thing about Las Vegas is that whatever you do and wherever you go, you can always bump into a Hollywood celebrity.

Believe it or not, Las Vegas has maintained its Sin City-like reputation for a good many years. Gambling was legalized in Nevada in 1931 and ever since then, celebrities have been flocking to Las Vegas.

Today, our friends from www.casinoguardian.co.uk/casino-apps will focus on four of the most famous Hollywood celebrities who regard Vegas as a second home.

George Clooney



One of the leading actors from the remake of the 1960s hit Ocean’s 11 had been in love with Vegas long before he played Danny Ocean. Vegas rumor has it that the celebrity has been playing at casinos here ever since his aunt Rosemary Clooney performed here.

People say George Clooney likes to take breaks from A-list movies regularly by placing a bet or two in Las Vegas casinos. And rumors say the actors is not always successful, too. In one case, Mr. Clooney supposedly lost 25 hands in a row while playing blackjack and Matt Damon had to pay for his losses, because the croupier was instructed not to accept IOUs.

Incredibly, George Clooney even tried to open a casino together with his partner from Ocean’s 11, and the two planned it to be on the Strip, too. In spite of their ambitions, developers from “W Hotel & Casinos” bought them out for a staggering $202 million.


Ben Affleck


In 2016, Ben Affleck admitted that he had became so good at playing blackjack that he could count cards with ease. Yet, even though counting cards is technically legal, most casinos would really appreciate it if you did not do it.

What testifies to our previous statement is that the famous actor has been given a ban for life, according to which he can no longer play blackjack in the Hard Rock Café in Vegas. Wonder why he got banned? Because he won a lot of money there. At one occasion, Mr. Affleck won $140,000 in one session. But the actor did not simply collect his winnings and leave. Rather, he gave the mony to the dealers, waitresses, and security personnel. Moreover, the second time Mr. Affleck walked in the Hard Rock Café, he won €800,000 by playing three hands at the same time.

In spite of his mind-blowing success, Mr. Affleck was not finished. He hired professional poker players to teach him the best poker strategies and shortly afterwards won the California State Poker Championship, receiving $356,400.


Tiger Woods


As you know, Tiger Woods is a golf legend, specializing in high roller private sessions. Vegas rumors reveal that the superstar used to play poker with NBA legends Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley at stakes that were as high as $25,000 for a single hand.

There is one difference between Tiger Woods and Ben Affleck, though – Mr. Affleck did not spend most of his wealth on gambling. According to analysts, Mr. Wood needed just 7 years to gamble away nearly €50 million. That is why every time the superstar decides to visit a Vegas casino between golf tournaments, casino personnel treats him like a king.


Charlie Sheen


Without a doubt, Charlie Sheen is the most extravagant of all celebrities we have included in the list. Mr. Sheen is a celebrity that symbolizes addiction, and not only gambling addiction.

Mr. Sheen, whose affair with gambling started long ago when he was still a leading character in the well-known TV series Two And A Half Men, has been making some really negative headlines in the past few years. His passion for gambling was so strong that his ex-wife commented on his spending more than $200,000 a week on casino games back when they were together. Reportedly, even when the two went to a hospital for the birth of their child, Mr. Sheen would bet on sports events. And later he would check the news to see whether he had won or not.

According to sources, Mr. Sheen has stopped heavy gambling, but the headlines we see at newspapers in the US tell us otherwise.

Overall, Las Vegas has a unique vibe like that no other city in the world possesses. Still, that vibe can be dangerous not only to people like me and you, but even to celebrities, too.

Written by CelebMix