4 Jaw Dropping Performances From The 2016 Grammys

The Grammy Awards aired on February 15th and all of the performances of the evening were absolutely incredible.  That being said, it’s hard not to be impressed when you’re getting a taste of the best in the music industry.  The Grammys of 2016 had a few tributes and some killer mash ups – there wasn’t a dull moment throughout the evening and during a few performances there wasn’t a dry eye either.

It was hard to narrow down which performances were out favorite – the artists put their all into it tonight, but we managed to gather up four of the ones that brought out the most emotion in not only the musicians, but the fans both at The Grammys and at home too.

4. Lady Gaga

In Lady Gaga’s incredible tribute to David Bowie the entire crowd was having a hard time picking up their jaws.  Gaga did not just sing songs in a tribute to Bowie, she transformed the stage into a place of respect for the late artist as she performed an incredible mash up of some of Bowie’s best songs.  She had confidence and ease as she moved around the stage, paying honor to a man she considered, as well as many others in the business, an idol.  It was truly theatrical, but not in a way that over powered, her beautiful voice still prevailed and the outfits and make up reminiscent of Bowie only enhanced her stage presence.  Gaga is an artist – and her performance will be regarded as one of the best tributes to Bowie in existence.

3. Adele

We should have been more prepared for Adele’s performance, like the type of prepared where you’re sat next to a box of tissues with a bowl of ice cream in your lap to comfort you while you sob – it was that emotional.  She sang her beautiful song All I Ask and did so with so much emotion you felt it course through your body too.  Adele sings exquisitely without the need for extras, and even with a hiccup with the sound tonight – she absolutely blew us away with the performance and at the end we joined her with tears in our eyes too.

2. Kendrick Lamar

In a show of truth and talent that was forewarned to “piss off America” Kendrick laid it all out when he performed his hit Alright.  He called out all the stereotypes that African American’s face and made it visual, loud, and in your face – so that it could no longer be ignored.  Kendrick is known for being honest about his struggles, drawing from personal experience in his music and it was clear through his performance that he’s felt every single word that he turned into art as he took the Grammy stage by storm.  It’s a performance that will be talked about long beyond tonight, and it should be.

1. James Bay and Tori Kelly

James Bay and Tori Kelly performed a breathtaking mash up of Let It Go and Hollow that left us completely speechless.  James Bay has a voice that can knock the breath out of you and Tori Kelly sings with such power and emotion that it’s hard not to love her.  Seeing the two on stage together was a treat and hearing them open up with Let It Go before switching to Hollow and then joining in with a mash up of both tracks rendered us completely useless.  The notes they hit together with the raw emotion they displayed alongside their talent on guitar was an absolute smash.  We’re hoping for a recorded version of the performance soon so that we can listen to it on repeat – for like…ever.

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Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.