The 4 Most Relatable Troy Bolton Moments

To add to our week of walking through memory lane with High School Musical we have compiled the Top 10 Troy Bolton moments. Troy stole our hearts the second that he belted out the beginning t of “Start of Something New” and continued to until the last High School Musical.

Here are his Top 10 moments:

 4. When Troy Was Afraid Of Rejection From Friends

Top 10 Troy Bolton Moments 1

In the first High School Musical movie Troy battled with becoming a singer because he was always known as the basketball player. Troy confronting his Dad about his concerns shows the audience that he is just trying to find what makes him happy, like the rest of us.

3. When Deciding On A College Was Hard For Him

5Times Troy Bolton Was Just Like Us 1

The final High School Musical film was all about the senior year of high school and with that comes the stress of picking a school and career path that is right for you. Throughout the HSM franchise we see Troy struggle with juggling basketball, his relationship and his singing. Troy began to make choices he thought was best for himself. This is where we see Troy as a normal teenager just trying to figure out how you want to live your life.

2. When He Belted Out “Bet On It” On An empty Golf Course

5Times Troy Bolton Was Just Like Us 2

The “Bet On It” music number in High School Musical 2 is one of the most talked about and meme-d about moments of the whole HSM franchise. Troy takes all his frustrates out and belts them out for nobody and also everybody to hear.

  1. When He Picked A College 32.7 Miles Away From Gabriella

 5 Times Troy Bolton Was Just Like Us 1

Throughout HSM 3 Troy battled with which college to pick because he didn’t want to end his relationship with Gabriella. This moment in HSM 3 was magical and memorable and a moment that everyone dreams to happen to them.

Troy Bolton is a character that everyone can relate with, he spent his whole time at East High trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. He learned that he needed to stay true to himself and be the best him he could be which meant continuing to play basketball along with his singing career.

Written by CelebMix