#4YearsOf5SOS Celebrate 5SOS Anniversary

On this December 3rd, it’s been exactly 4 years since Ashton Irwin joined Luke, Calum and Michael to create a band that is now the worldwide act 5 Seconds Of Summer aka 5SOS.”Today is 4 years since I joined the band at that pub back in Sydney…” Ashton dished, adding, “Never thought all this would happen.”.

Time flies when you’re having fun, australian band 5SOS are celebrating their fourth anniversary on December 3 ! They have accomplished so much in these four years but they have only just begun. Nothing can stop this silly band ! Let’s have a little throwback…

Not too long after forming their band, 5SOS started uploading covers on -gone but not forgotten, Hemmo1996 YouTube channel. Remember when they did Teenage Dirtbag right after Ashton joined the band as the new drummer ? Eventhough they almost failed at being friends because of that purple shirt…

From YouTube couch cover to adorable low budget music videos, all of that lead the four boys to becoming opening act for One Direction on their Take Me Home Tour, 2013 was sure a rad year for the aussie band, but then here comes 2014 and their biggest hit so far She Looks So Perfect. They blew up the charts and the band quickly became an international act and perform at show like Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Today Show and of course they continued to support and open for 1D on their stadium tour Where We Are. And they released their first ever album 5 Seconds Of Summer ! Impressive guys.

2015 was probably 5sos’ year. They embarked their first headlining tour Rock Out With Your Socks Out of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North America. They released their first single She’s Kinda Hot from their second album Sounds Good Feels Good, quickly followed by their worldwide tour Souds Live, Feels Live. Can we be more proud ?

Now we only have one wish 5SOS, drop us an album randomly, called “The Lost Song” with ALL the unreleased tracks and live songs. Please, do us a favour.

Happy anniversary 5sos, here’s to the 4 years and many more to come !

Written by CelebMix