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46 GIFs to celebrate Gary Barlow’s 46th birthday

Today is the 20th of January, which marks Take That frontman Gary Barlow’s 46th birthday!

For all Gary fans, 2017 is definitely set to be a year to remember. The singer is currently head judge on new BBC1 talent show Let It Shine, which aims to find five young men to take part in a new Take That musical. Staying in on a Saturday night has never been so appealing! Speaking of musicals, Gary and Tim Firth’s musical The Girls is preparing to launch in London’s West End next weekend, following a successful run in Leeds last year.

Of course, 2017 also sees the return of Take That, with a brand new album on its way in March. The band will also embark on a 32-date tour across the UK in May and June.

It’s evident that Gary has a lot to celebrate this year, on top of his special day. But for now, we wanted to put the spotlight on Gary’s birthday and celebrate in our own way. What better way to do so, than by sharing 46 GIFs of the man in all his glory? Enjoy!

1. His smile, oh so glorious

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2. And again…

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3.  Why is he so perfect please?

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4. Stop smiling Barlow, we can’t cope

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5. What’s better than a smiling Gary? A smiling Gary in a grey jacket

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6. Gary can’t cope with our fawning…

7. …So we’re pretending that he’s in awe of us

8. Moves like Barlow

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9. Nailing the ‘point’

10. Remember when Gary and James Corden performed ‘Pray’?

11. Peace out

12. Gary keeping the peace between Tulisa and Louis

13. Oh wait, that peace sign doesn’t look quite right…

14. Now we’re getting a thumbs up from Gary

15. He seems impressed with us

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16. But there’s nothing better than a Gary wave…

17. …Especially when he waves to the camera!

18. Gary looks like he means business

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19. Even the flower can’t cope with Gary

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20. Where are you taking us Gazza?

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21. Strutting his stuff with Scherzy

22. Gary taking us for a spin

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23. When Gary took a shower during the opening credits of Let It Shine

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24. All the heart eyes

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25. Remember when Gary and Howard had an ice bath?

26. And Gary and Jason were having a whale of a time?

27. Remember when Gary and Robbie had a cuddle?

28. And when Barlowen shared a mic?

29. It’s easy to get lost in Gary’s eyes

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30. We’re digging the mean and moody look

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31. Pout it out

32. Nod and pout, nod and pout

33. We see that tongue of yours sticking out!

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34. That eyebrow though

35. Why is Gary’s eyebrow movement so attractive?

36. Okay, we’re obsessed with his eyebrows…sorry not sorry

37. Gary as a clown is both adorable and sassy af

38. Remember when we wanted to be Miranda’s mum?

39. And then we wanted to be Miranda too?

40. Gary’s a right animal…

41. We can’t cope with his puppy dog eyes

42. Forever a Star Wars geek

43. Is there anything better than Gary Barlow giving you encouragement?

44. He’s your very own personal cheerleader

45. We’re using this GIF for next Motivation Monday

46. Yes Gary, yes you are.

Happy 46th birthday Gary Barlow, from all of us here at CelebMix! Share your favourite gif with us on Twitter @CelebMix

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Written by Katrina Rees

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