Five Reasons Why Beyonce Would Love Working With Little Mix

The legendary Beyonce is a master performer and vocalist but Little Mix aren’t so far behind her in those two categories. As seen by the numerous amount of times Little Mix have slayed stages all around the world, we’re sure Beyonce would (hopefully) one day collaborate with the girl group!

With that being said, here’s five reasons why we think Beyonce would LOVE working with Little Mix!

1) Beyonce loves some good ol’ harmonies and Little Mix are the Harmonious queens!

Beyonce was once a part of the iconic girl group Destiny’s Child who are on the best selling girl groups of all time list! (along with the Spice Girls and TLC). So it is safe to say Beyonce would fall in love with Little Mix’s acapella’s and four part harmonies. Heck, even Kelly Rowland has complimented the girl group for their strong vocals and harmonies. Ahem, they’ve even covered one of Beyonce’s song ‘End of Time’ beautifully! Check it out below!

2) Beyonce inspires Little Mix.

Little Mix are huge fans of the Queen Bee but also see her as a major musical influence. Her sound played an important role in the groups’ sophomore album Salute which just so happens to be their best vocal album yet. It shows off their tight harmonies well and who knows, the Queen Bee probably has the album on repeat! (especially that amazing Destiny’s Child inspired song, ‘Boy’).

3) Both give KILLER performances.

We would all love a nice mash-up of Run The World (Girls) and Salute! A stage filled with girl power and Beyonce strutting the stage with Jesy, Jade, Perrie, and Leigh-Anne? Now that’s a dream come true alright! Nothing better than five fabulous women giving the world a drop dead performance! How about a surprise super bowl performance where Little Mix shows up with Beyonce?

4) Both are great advocates of Girl Power!

Again, with songs like Run The World (Girls) and Salute, Change Your Life, Wings, etc, both artists have respective songs dedicated to empowerment and girl power! Maybe they could create a song filled with more inspired filled lyrics! Perhaps a ballad or a stomping retro beat song? The possibilities are endless!

5) Little Mix have an abundance of energy!

Little Mix are full of energy, enthusiasm and weirdness! The same goes for Beyonce, and while the girls may show off their wonderful weird ways to the public a tad more, perhaps they could give the ultimate queen some Get .Weird tips! Beyonce could also give the girls some advice! As they say, friendship is a two way street and what a wonderful friendship it would be if they collaborated in the near future!

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Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.