4th Impact Releases Debut Single “Unleash The Diva”

Remember the four girls on The X Factor in 2015, who nailed “Bang Bang” at their audition? Well, they have finally dropped their debut single. 4th Impact’s “Unleash The Diva” is a powerful, uplifting song; telling their fans that they’re capable of going after their dreams.

The meaning behind the song makes this the perfect debut single for the four Cercado sisters to release. They’ve been fighting for their dreams for years, competing on reality show after reality show. Now, they’ve got full backing from a record label and are ready to unleash the diva from within. The song was written by Jonathan Manalo.

Watch The Lyric Video To 4th Impact’s “Unleash The Diva” Here:

The four-piece girl group, who consist sisters: Almira, Celina, Irene, and Mylene; finished fifth on the twelfth series of The X Factor in the UK. They have previously competed in other talent shows in The Philippines and South Korea, including The World Championships of Performing Arts, which they’ve won twice; Protegé; It’s Showtime, which they won the sixth season; and Superstar K6, where they came eighth.

They have previously released music under different group names and took part in the other talent shows as The Cercados, the Gollayan Sisters, MICA, and 4th Power. However, it now looks like they’re sticking with the name, 4th Impact; and what a perfect message to send out as their debut single.

They’ve been fighting for this moment; it’s their time to shine. They’ve conquered everyone who has stood in their way, and all it took was to believe in themselves. The song has already hit number three on the Phillippines iTunes Chart. They have yet to release a music video, but if their performances of the song are anything to go by, it is going to be amazing.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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