5 Acts We’d Love To Join This Years Apple Music Festival Line Up

This year marks the 10th Apple Music Festival in London. The festival will run from 18th September to September 30th in one of the best venues in the world The Roundhouse in London. Apple Music Festival 10 has it’s own as so far will offer free tickets, normally given away on Apple Music and various other 3rd parties to residents of the UK. Apple Music members around the world can watch the performances for free from their account.

Over the last 10 years the like of Amy Winehouse, Take That, Little Mix, 5SOS and many more besides. Ticket applications are now open via Apple Music. Most of the line up has been released too, but there are some dates still without acts.  We got to thinking who we’d most like to see grace the stage in these spare dates. These are just our wishes and some guesswork based on Apple Music exclusives, new music and social media buzz.

Lady Gaga

Now, Lady Gaga has a new single out in September called “Perfect Illusion” and the lady hasn’t graced the UK for a good few years so the odds may already be in our favour. It’s also not unheard of as during the release of her last album ARTPOP she performed most songs of it for the first time at the Apple Music festival. The twitter buzz appears to agree with us as Lady Gaga seems to be the strongest rumour so far. The audience last time was one of the best we have ever seen at the festival. So to see Mother come home to her monsters, that would be magic.

5 Acts We'd Love To See At This Years Apple Music Festival 5

Frank Ocean

Just a few days ago Frank surprised the world with his new album Blonde after years of build up and it’s taken the world be storm. It also helps that the album was released exclusively on the iTunes Store and Apple Music. Could an Apple Music Festival slot be part of that deal? As his album is currently Number 1 in the UK it would be a wonderful sight to behold.

5 Acts We'd Love To See At This Years Apple Music Festival 2



Staying with our pop divas and a huge long shot, Adele. She performed at The Roundhouse in 2011. We would love to see her return to such a small, intimate venue. However, clearly Adele doesn’t need to do this, she has been on tour all year and during Apple Music Festival she will be doing a run of dates at Madison Square Garden in New York. It would be a huge ask for Adele, but a huge pay off for the fans and Apple themselves.

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Black Foxxes

The only slight down side to the line up is the lack of rock and roll, for want of a better phase. Black Foxxes would provide that. Their début album I’m Not Well, is currently going down a storm with critic and fans alike. Zane Lowe has even played out their music on his Beats 1 show, a which broadcasters to over 100 counties. While Black Foxxes maybe ”too new” to the musical landscape to warrant a headline slot (but we think they could more than handle it) lets get them on the bill somewhere, we need some musical diversity at Apple Music Festival. Bring out a band who ”do it for the weirdos!”.

5 Acts We'd Love To See At This Years Apple Music Festival 2



5 Acts We'd Love To See Join This Years Apple Music Festival 1

Sia is about to start her Nostalgic For The Present Tour in America and Canada on 29th September, what a way to warm up than Apple Music Festival. Sia’s last tour date in the UK was actually at The Roundhouse all the way back in 2010 and with currently no future UK date planned we had love to see her back. Adele has tour the UK more in the last 4 years! Come on Sia, This Is Pleading, give us some Cheap Thrills, make us feel Alive….

So those are our top picks of who else could be at the Apple Music Festival this year. There are many more we would to see smash it at The Roundhouse like Zayn,Justin Bieber, Little Mix, Rolling Stones, Ariana Grande, the list goes on. With 10 dates and 2 acts a night there will certainly be some surprises along the way. Not to mention the possible guests that Elton John and Calvin Harris could bring.

Who else do you think will appear? What is your Apple Music Festival dream line up. Sound off on twitter @CelebMix

Written by CelebMix