Five amazing celebrity mommas

Celebrities – we all love them. But where would they be without their lovely moms? These ladies are the ones who made them to what they are now and we should thank them! We made a list with 5 amazing celebrity-moms. Of course there are many more superwomen and it was a hard decision to pic only 5 but we tried our best.

Pattie Mallette

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As many of you know, Justin Bieber’s mom – Pattie – is the one who made Justin to what he is now. She started uploading videos of Justin on YouTube when he was just a little boy. From day to day he got more popular on social media. Pattie also managed him at the beginning of his career and till now she is still a big part of Justin’s music because he would probably not be as successful as he is now without his amazing mommy.

Joan Grande

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Her fans nearly know Ariana’s mom as good as Ariana herself. Joan is a big part of Ariana’s life, her music and also her fanbase. She supports her kids with tons of super enthusiastic tweets and also takes part of everything Ariana does. No matter if it’s an important concert, an interview or just a photoshoot, Joan is always on Ariana’s side supporting her.

Anne Twist

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So Anne is one of these moms who support their children no matter what. I guess it’s not easy when your little boy becomes a famous singer from one day to another, but although it probably was a tough time for her, she helped and supported Harry all the time. Another lovely part of Anne is that she makes no difference between her kids. Harry and Gemma both are equal parts of Anne’s life and that’s exactly how it should be.

Tish Cyrus

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You can see where Miley Cyrus got her beauty from. Tish Cyrus looks like her older sister and not like her mother. This beauty is also one of our 5 supermoms. Tish produced a few movies with her daughter for example ‘LOL’ and ‘So Undercover’. Tish and her husband supported Miley from the beginning on and tried the best to make her biggest dream come true.

Mandy Teefey

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Selena’s mom Mandy is a really dedicated mother to Selena. She gave up on everything and had three jobs at the same time to support her! She also managed Sel at the beginning of her career and she keeps on supporting her lovely daughter every day.

Moms are honestly the best thing on earth.

Written by CelebMix