5 Best Documentaries to Watch About Cannabis

Cannabis has been on a massive kick in the past few years. Keeping ahead on all the information available on cannabis can be a pain.

There is a fantastic way to pick up on the best information you could ever want if you know what you are looking for.

Here we have some of the best documentaries to watch for all things cannabis. With this list, you won’t need any documentaries.

The Top 5 Best Documentaries to Watch About Cannabis

There are dozens of different and interesting details about cannabis that have gotten more press in the past decade. Do you know the different ways cannabis terpenes affect you? How about the business end of the marijuana industry?

These 5 documentaries are a must-watch for any interested in cannabis and what it can do.

The Culture High

The Culture High is the premiere start to cannabis documentaries. This documentary focuses on the legislative history of cannabis in North America.

Follow along with the vast culture that builds and develops around both cannabis and the prohibition of it. A great way to understand why cannabis culture is what it is and where it may be going.

Weed the People

Weed The People explodes the in-depth influence and power of medical marijuana. From famous actress and cannabis activist Ricki Lake, it covers the many uses and healing properties of medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana is a very major subject and one of the biggest reasons for legality across the nation. Understanding it is very important.

Grass is Greener

The grass is Greener is a longer history look at the popularity of cannabis in American culture. Hosted by Fab 5 Freddy, it goes from the roots of jazz musicians to the modern-day culture.

Grass is Greener also has a great balance of what aspects of cannabis it looks at. From the legislative histories to the culture balance, there is a lot in this documentary.


NORML, standing for The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, is a major organization in the cannabis legalization debate. NORML has an absolute focus on lobbying and promoting cannabis legislation.

A NORML Life follows the organization through its grassroots creation in the 70s through its influence in modern times. This documentary follows a lot of the medical and legal battles that NORML has conducted.

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

The Union is a documentary that has a massive focus on the business end of the marijuana industry. Unlike all of the other documentaries, it’s focus keeps on the concept of cannabis from a business perspective.

It attaches a lot of the origins of business and the powers of it in the rising modern business community. This documentary also covers the more illicit affairs of shady cannabis business details.

Information on What You Care About

Now that you have some of the best documentaries to watch on cannabis, there are a lot of different subjects and ideas you can explore.

We have a few of them here in our archives! Check out the other articles here on our site for more information.

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