5 Best Spotify Playlists to Listen Right Now

It may be tricky to access the wide world of music discovery on streaming services, but Spotify has put a lot of effort into its playlist curation, making it easier for the interested listener to make their way through the sonic wilderness. If you want to interest more listeners you can buy Spotify plays. 

As we go further towards 2021, live concerts, gigs, and festivals are still unavailable, so the desire to be transported to a more lovely place through melodies, lyrics, and rhythms has never been stronger. In a nutshell, there has never been a time when music has been in such high demand. Thus to gain fanbase on Spotify becomes a very important task. 

Going down to your local record shop and digging through boxes is now off-menu, whether you’re looking for sounds to help you get a good night’s sleep, songs to entertain youngsters at home, or a collection of inspiring albums made in solitude. However, this is where streaming services such as Spotify come in.

Right Now’s Best Spotify Playlists

It is more crucial than ever for musicians to get on playlists. Playlisting is, in many ways, the new radio. So, if you want to stay up to date on the latest musical discoveries, you’ll need to listen to the proper playlists. 

Here are the greatest Spotify playlists, ranging from ones that focus on emerging artists to genre-specific excursions:

  • Pigeons and Planes

Pigeons & Planes has you covered if you’re searching for a regularly updated playlist that focuses on music discovery across all genres. Only in Pigeons & Planes Weekly will you discover Billie Eilish alongside Kodak Black and international newbies like Busu. Every week, you’ll hear a new blend of familiar sounds combined with captivating music from intriguing new artists you’ve never heard of.

If you are a newbie, you should not only concentrate on making good music but also how to gain fanbase on Spotify through different methods. One way to gain fanbase is to buy Spotify plays to give yourself a boost as a newbie. 

  • Brooklyn Drill, the New Sound of New York

There’s a new sound in New York. Rappers like as Pop Smoke, Fivio Foreign, 22Gz, and Sheff G have aided in the growth of the Brooklyn drill movement from a regional to a national force. Pop Smoke told only two weeks before his untimely death, “This drill stuff is the sound of New York.” 

“This is the current sound of New York. Between London and New York, we were able to close that gap. Our lingo, our vocal tone, and our nonsense. With this, we got at least a decade.” To go along with our tale on Brooklyn drill’s ascent. There is a compiled Spotify playlist of the movement’s signature tunes.

  • Most Necessary

It’s like the next big thing in rap music. This playlist is dubbed “the official voice of generation next” by Spotify. Most Necessary is a great choice for a soundtrack for your next virtual home party. You’ll seldom hear a tune that doesn’t hit the target, with one eye on the next big smash and the other on capturing a picture of the present vernacular.

Have a leg up on the competition with Most Necessary, a playlist that predicts tomorrow’s hits with Nostradamus-like precision. With one finger on the pulse of online rap and the other on the streets, the playlist provides a broad and complete picture of today’s society. Most Necessary can also function as a party playlist in a rush, with dynamite cuts from artists like DaBaby, Lil Tyjay, Gunna, and Lil Tecca (and remarkably few duds).

  • Anti Pop

Anti Pop is full of appealing tracks that really have something to say, and much of current hip-hop and R&B delivers Top 40-level melodies in grittier, more compelling settings. Resonant tracks by Jessie Reyez and ROLE MODEL are on the more melodic end of the spectrum, while MCs like Kevin Abstract and Rich Brian add lyrical weight and distinctive flows. You can gain fanbase on Spotify if you feature on this playlist and the need to buy Spotify plays will be finished. 

Consider beat-driven spitting interspersed with sweet, softly spoken but frequently angry vocals — ignore commercial pop music; there’s a message here if we’ll only listen. Expect new Curtis Waters (pictured) and Joji ballads mixed with Kenny Mason’s aggressive rap and everything in between. If OutKast, Wu Tang Clan, Dave, Dungeon Family, or Bel Biv DeVoe have ever been in your heavy rotation, give this a listen. There’s a high possibility you’ll pick up some useful information.

  • Gold School

Vintage retro hip-hop that deviates from the well-traveled coastal tunes and honours the genre’s lesser-known heroes. Think Drake, Ghostface Killah, Eminem, 50 Cent (above), and Nas, as well as Camp Lo, Big L, and Mac Miller.

It may be surprising to find T.I. on the cover of a flashback playlist, but Gold School broadens the definition of classic hip-hop without falling into the common trap of focusing just on the coasts. OutKast, Juvenile, and Trick Daddy all receive their due as key figures, but lesser-known personalities like Lil’ Scrappy and Field Mob will bring a grin to any aughts rap fan’s face.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’d like to concentrate, get fired up, or wind down, the perfect playlist at the right moment may turn your day from drab to groovy, and even make up for that coffee deficiency. Quality music may also help you relax, connect with the present moment, and give you all the emotions. With quality music what you need is the number of plays which you can receive if you buy Spotify plays. 

So, if you’re searching for the perfect mix to get you through your morning commute and into happy hour, look no further than these 5 fantastic playlists.

Written by Monella