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5 celebrities who love to gamble

With stacks of cash and tonnes of free time, some of the world’s biggest celebrities are also the world’s biggest gambling fans.

Thanks to their private jets and constant touring, these celebrities often find themselves in destinations such as Vegas, or in their trailer on the set of a movie with their iPhone so they can turn to online gambling instead.

Below, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite celebrities who love to have a flutter in their spare time…

Lady Gaga

She wants to hold ‘em like she does in Texas, please! One of the world’s most renowned musicians and pop stars is also a keen gambler if you hadn’t already guessed by her hit single Poker Face.

Gaga, real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, has spoken a number of times about letting her hair down and having some fun with friends over a game of poker or in a casino – and at present, she’s performing in a Las Vegas residency in the heart of the gambling scene.

“VEGAS tonight, gambling and inappropriate attire to ensue. why am I so jealous of strip club stage production?,” Gaga said in a tweet back in 2010. Still not convinced she loves to gamble?

Sankyo, Japan’s popular gambling company, introduced Lady Gaga slot machines to all of their stores in 2017. We need to have a game on those!

Bruce Willis

Die Hard legend Bruce Willis regularly frequents gambling casinos and gaming halls around the world – and who can blame him? With his bank balance coming in at a cool $180 million, it must be pretty tough not to want to spend, spend, spend!

According to some reports, the star lost more than $100,000 at a Palms craps table in one go – but snagged $500,000 when he played baccarat in Atlantic City a year later. Willis is still a gambler. At Mayweather vs McGregor fight in 2017, he was spotted at the MGM Grand rolling the dice…

Matt Damon

To get into character for his role as Mike McDermott in the movie Rounders, a great watch about underground high-stakes poker, Matt Damon spent a huge amount of money on gambling and realized he kinda enjoyed it.

The star, best known for his roles in movies like Good Will Hunting, Jason Bourne, and The Martian, is also known to enjoy a spot of online gambling, another technique he used when preparing for his role in Rounders. And who knows – if you play an online casino game on a site like All Slots Casino (read reviews: you might even get to play against a famous gambler like Matt. Just hope he lets you win!


Charlie Sheen

When going through his device with Denise Richards, it was well reported that Charlie Sheen was spending large amounts of money on sports betting. Richards reportedly told journalists that Sheen was putting a bet on a sporting event on his way to the hospital for the birth of their child – that’s pretty hardcore!

It seems like Charlie’s habit got a little out of control, though, and he has since reportedly quit. Remember: gamble responsibly, and get help if you’re concerned that your gambling habit is getting out of hand. When the fun stops, stop!



We all love a bit of deadmau5 and his songs like I Remember, Strobe, Lack of a Better Name, and Animal Rights. But you probably didn’t know he loves to gamble when he’s not in front of an audience at a nightclub. Deadmau5, real name Joel Thomas Zimmerman, wasn’t big on betting, but when he became friends with Don Johnson, however, he changed his ways.

“Deadmau5 wasn’t a gambler until he started playing blackjack with me,” Johnson said in an interview. “I was in a casino nightclub with Matt Bon Jovi. We went backstage to chat with deadmau5 and kicked around some stuff music-wise. I told him that if he has time after the show, he should join us for blackjack. He said he didn’t play, so I posted up his first few bets and they happened to hit. I gave him a free roll. It’s easy to enjoy it that way.”

Written by CelebMix