5 Christmas Books for Children

Christmas is a magical festival. It is the festival of sharing joys, happiness and cheers to everybody. Christmas is especially loved by little children when they get gifts from their family and of course Santa Claus. It is that time of the year, when the chill of the snowy December vanishes into the warmth and smile of the happiness of the near and dear ones. With Christmas, one cannot forget the various books that children prefer during this season. These books are not only revisited every year during this season by a child and his/her parents but also act as great gifts for kids.

Here is a list of 5 must read books of this beautiful season.

  1. The Polar Express

This story outlines the journey of a young boy who boards the Polar Express. This train goes right to the abode of Santa Claus the North Pole. Here he meets Santa himself, his elves and the lovely reindeers. But more than meeting them, he understands the real meaning of love and faith. True belief is what this story exemplifies and provides an impetus to others to start believing in themselves and the world.

5 Christmas Books for Children 5

  1. A Wish to be a Christmas tree

Christmas trees are grown for a long time. Just before the season, they are cut and brought in the markets to be sold off to their new homes, where they are decorated beautifully. This is a story of an extraordinary Christmas tree who never fulfils its Christmas destiny of being decorated in someone’s home. Instead, the creatures of the forest decorate it with beautiful items found in the forest and celebrates Christmas happily.

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  1. Bear stays up for Christmas

It’s the Bear Necessities to hibernate during winter season. With cold winds that run shivers up your spine and chills that almost freeze you, most of us prefer to stay under the blanket during this season. So does the bear. But by hibernating the bear is oblivious to the beautiful surroundings during Christmas. He can never bake cookies with friends or decorate the Christmas tree or have a sumptuous Christmas dinner. But what happens when one year, the bear decides to skip his hibernation in order to celebrate Christmas?

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  1. Santa Claus

Since childhood, all of us have heard stories about Santa Claus living in the North Pole having a huge factory where he and the elves work hard all the year to gather gifts for children. But have you ever wondered how the factory looks like? How the elves gather information about the wishes of so many children? How things work so smoothly in the factory? What does Santa do all year? Well, if you had never thought about these questions, then this books would compel you to think about these questions and also provide you answers for some of them.

5 Christmas Books for Children 2

  1. The Christmas Miracle

The Christmas Miracle is a simple yet overwhelming story about a woodcarver with exceptional talent but a dark hidden past. This story revolves around Christmas Miracles which are not quite unheard of. But how this miracle helps the woodcarver is all that the story is about.

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All these books revolve around the various themes of Christmas. From Santa Claus to the elves, reindeers, animals, and Christmas miracles all are described in each of these books.

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