5 Confidence-Boosting Style Ideas to Borrow From Celebrities

Do you find yourself dealing with bouts of low self-esteem at random times? Is this interfering with your daily life? Are you wondering how you can train yourself to feel more confident?

One tried-and-true way to boost your confidence is to add to your personal style or change it in a way that empowers you. If you think you look good, then you end up feeling good.

Below are five simple style ideas you can borrow from celebrities to try to find that everyday confidence.

1. Add Accessories

If you like your current style already, simply adding accessories can make the little change you need to boost your confidence. For instance, buying rings in classic or modern styles can transform your outfit into something more classy or pristine. Beyonce, Lorde, and Gwyneth Paltrow are all known for the standout finger bling that characterizes their hottest red carpet looks.

It might scare you to try something new, especially if you’re not a person who usually wears accessories. But once you’ve passed that barrier, you’ll be wearing what you love with confidence. Your confidence will be the thing that shines the most out of your outfit!

2. Experiment with Makeup

Makeup can seem like a scary thing as well, especially if you don’t normally use it. You don’t have to go all out! Sometimes, just wearing mascara or eyeshadow can boost your confidence.

Your favorite celebrities are your best source of inspiration here. Look to Priyanka Chopra or Gigi Hadid for dramatic eyeshadow and metallic shades, or copy Selena Gomez and Kate Winslet for a more natural, understated vibe.

If you don’t think you’re good at putting on makeup, you can always practice. Investing time and attention in your appearance boosts confidence!

3. Change Your Hair

Sometimes, we need a drastic change to shake things up or help us get out of a rut. A bold new haircut or hairstyle can skyrocket your confidence to all-new heights!

Feeling weighed down by long hair? Consider a blunt bob like Carey Mulligan’s, or go all-out with a 2021-Rihanna-esque pixie cut. If you want to keep your long locks but change the way you style them, you can’t go wrong with Kim K’s loose, luxurious waves.

4. Wear What Makes You Comfortable

Wearing what makes you comfortable is always a great way to boost your confidence. For instance, just wearing sweatpants outside can do wonders for your self-esteem because you’re already in a relaxed, comfy mood.

Virtually all celebrities rock the athleisure look when not in front of the camera. Look at Kelly Rowland and Sarah Hyland, and you’ll realize that sacrificing comfort for style is no longer a thing in 2023.

5. Try a Style That Interests You

You’ve probably seen a celebrity on a magazine cover rocking a particular outfit that caught your eye. Even if you think that style doesn’t suit you, you should experiment with that style simply because you think it looks good. This ties into trying something new, but the style is already picked for you, removing some of the labor.

Go shopping by yourself or with friends and see if you can assemble the outfit or something similar. Gather the clothing articles and accessories together, then try them all on and take photos of the result. Not only are mini-fashion shows fun, but hosting them can also boost your confidence in your personal appearance and sense of style.

Final Thoughts

Confidence is crucial: it influences our success in work, dating, and our social lives. Changing your style can give a much-needed boost to your self-esteem, and trendy celebrities are always a great source of inspiration!

Written by Monella