5 Film Stars with Gambling Problems

To some people, it may come as a huge shock, but to others, the fact that some huge films stars have massive gambling addictions or have previously had gambling problems, may not be so surprising.

Choice Casino’s have researched the huge film stars will be earning more money than most of us could even imagine, therefore it comes to a huge surprise to a lot of people that they even need to gamble? Why do you need to risk losing your own money in hope to get more money, when you are sitting on millions of pounds anyway? There are a lot of questions, which could only be truly answered by the gambling addicts themselves. It is an unfortunate circumstance, and no one likes to see people throwing away their life’s worth through gambling. It is always recommended that you gamble responsibly.

It is situations like this when gambling is heavily looked down upon, however there is the other side to it, which is the chance for customers and players to have the excitement of playing and also to play some fun casino games. There is no sugar coating the fact that the main reason for it is to win money. But never gamble more than you can afford to lose. That is why organisations like GamStop are in place.

Some of the film stars that you see in this post, who has previously or are still currently suffering with a gambling problem, may come as a surprise to you and could potentially make you look at them differently when you are watching a film that they feature in.

5 Film Stars with Gambling Problems

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is a huge American actor that has starred in so many huge films, which include the likes of: Batman Vs Superman, Suicide Squad, Justice League, He’s Just Not That into You, and loads more. Unfortunately, he is one of the biggest film stars to have suffered with a gambling addiction, despite having a net worth of around $130 million.

Ben Affleck is passionate about casino card games, poker specifically. He has been pictured spending hours upon hours in casinos, some of the times he has been heavily under the influence of alcohol. Sometimes, he has recorded some big wins, which include an $800,00 blackjack win, whilst being under the influence. However, he has also recorded some big losses, like a $400,000 poker loss.

Ben Affleck checked himself into rehab in order to get a fix for his gambling addiction, which was probably a smart idea. He is an example of where having a lot of money can in fact be dangerous, because you don’t have any limits and you never know when to stop. The influence of alcohol has sure to have had a bad affect on his addiction and encouraged him to make some outrageous wagers.

Since all of this drama, it is said that Ben Affleck is in a better place and is recovering from his gambling issues, he does not gamble in the irresponsible ways that he used to.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire, who we recognise as the former Spider-Man, is also said to have suffered some issues when it comes to gambling. Tobey Maguire has featured in films such as Spiderman (2002), Spiderman 2 (2004) and Spiderman 3 (2007), The Great Gatsby, Cats & Dogs and more. Fans fell in love with this actor with his outstanding acting for the Spiderman films. Tobey Maguire has massively dropped under the radar after being blacklisted by Hollywood, the reasons for this are said to be because of the failure of Spiderman 3, which made a lot of viewers angry that they felt it did not live up to expectation and caused Tobey Maguire to suffer with a lot of hate for years after, which definitely did not help his gambling addiction.

It is said that Tobey Maguire had a poker addiction. His addiction is said to have been pretty bad, so bad that he was sued for his involvement in an illegal poker ring. He has had some success when participating in the world series of poker and he has been labelled quite a good poker player. We are unsure as to how much truth is in this, but on estimation, Tobey Maguire has won around $10 million from poker games. Illegally, he has won a lot more, totalling to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Tobey Maguire was not reserved and silent about some of his gambling, he was very public amount some of his actions.

Many people close to this actor have worried about his gambling addiction, especially when he has been involved with illegal gambling rings. It is said that he has previously had an alcohol issue which he has been given help for. It is often the case that a gambling addict can also suffer with a drinking problem, and the drinking problem encourages them to gamble irresponsibly.

Charlie Sheen

An actor that has had numerous problems over the years, which has slightly hindered the way we look at him, which is a shame after he has had an amazing acting career, is Charlie Sheen. Some of the films that this outstanding actor has been apart of include: Scary Movie 3, 9/11, Due Date, Mad Families and more.

The truth about Charlie Sheen’s gambling addiction was made public by his ex-wife, Denise Richards. She claimed that Charlie was spending on average around $200,000 a week! Which is an astonishing amount and a prime example of a problem gambler. His main topics for betting were poker and also sports. His addiction was so severe that he even tried placing a sporting bet over the phone, whilst he was driving to the hospital for his daughter’s birth. Now that is something that would anger a lot of fans and have a massively negative effect on his image as a star.

Rumour has it now that he has recovered a lot since being at his worst point and he doesn’t gamble at all anymore, which is a very inspiring story that any problem gambler should take note of, as gambling should be fun and rewarding and if you are not having fun, don’t gamble.

Leonardo DiCaprio

One name that would massively shock people, as a gambler, would be Leonardo DiCaprio. There are 2 types of DiCaprio fans, there are the ones that love him for his Titanic performance, which is one of the best actor performances ever, and one of the most moving films to ever grace our screens. Then there is the other type of fans that love him for his outstanding performances in The Wolf of Wall Street. No one could have possibly of mastered the role better than he did. If you take the Titanic side to him, you would have never thought he’d see amusement in gambling, but maybe the Wolf of Wall Street persona would suggest that gambling would be on his agenda.

Leonardo DiCaprio is no where near considered a problem gambler on the scale of some of the other actors. There are still a few stories that are circulating around him and the situation. One story that has made the news is that Leonardo owes singer Ronan Keating hundreds of dollars that he lent to him for his poker games. Ronan went on to say that Leonardo won the tournament and never paid him back. Others have said that Leonardo was never a big gambler and that he only really turned up to these events with friends, like Tobey Maguire, who did have a serious gambling addiction.

Ray Romano

The final actor that we will talk about to make out 5 film stars to have claimed to have gambling problems, is Ray Romano. For those of you that don’t recognise his name or might not know who he is, Ray Romano is an actor that is most famously known for his role in the TV series “Everyone Loves Raymond”.

It has been said that Ray is actually a former member of gamblers anonymous, which is a 12-step program for people suffering with gambling addictions. This is encouraging to see that an actor has realised that he has a gambling addiction and is doing something about it. In rehab, he understood and was happy to admit that he had a bad addiction and couldn’t control his gambling habits. It is said that he does still gamble here and there on poker and golf, however nothing like on the scale he used to. This is what is advised, gamble to have fun.

Why Do Celebrities Gamble?

You could only ask the gambling addicts in question as to why they gamble or gambled the way they used to. What were their motives? There could be numerous reasons behind it. As we cannot ask each and every celebrity gambler personally, we have come up with a few possible reasons as to why these films stars decided that they wanted to chuck their millions onto a table game.

One of the reasons as to why we think that these stars gambled so much is because, despite having a net worth that accumulates to millions of dollars, they never felt like they had enough. There is no cap on how much money you can have, that is why that even though people may have millions, they still want more, a quick and easy way for you to potentially get more money, whilst also having fun, is gambling. The thrill and excitement of playing table games, slot games, etc can really encourage people to play. If celebrities feel like they have achieved everything in life and find that they don’t need any more money, they can then often get bored and become depressed because they do not have another level to hit in their life, that is where gambling gets involved, its an aspect of thrill in their life which they feel they need. However, they should be aware of the issues that can come with gambling too often and realising when it becomes a problem.

Another reason why they might gamble is because it is a bit of escapism for them and something different. When you are an actor and you are spending a lot of time filming, you need something else to do to take your mind of work, gambling is something that these celebs turn to, they decide that gambling is a hobby for them to pass some time and potentially add millions to their current millions. Gambling can in fact be fun and a way of socialising, heading down to a casino with your friends, doing a bit of harmless gambling, but notice when there is an issue.

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