5 Markiplier challenge videos you should definitely watch

If you’ve never heard Markiplier’s name mentioned before, have you been living under a rock? With over 13,000,000 subscribers he is one of the most prominent gamers on YouTube, ranked 23rd in the list of the most subscribers. Aside from gaming videos, he produces a lot of challenge-style videos, guaranteed to make you chuckle when watching.

  1. The whisper challenge (#2)

For this video, Mark teams up with friends Mathias, Wade and Jesse. Each member takes turns whispering a tweet (sent in by fans) to another member, who has headphones in, playing loud music. The player who was whispered to then goes on to whisper to the next player whilst they listen to music and this is repeated until they reach the starting player. Obviously, hilarity ensues with the misreading of each player’s mouths!

  1. Disney song challenge*

This challenge is popular within the YouTube community, and this one is played between Mark and Mathias. It’s fairly straightforward the title of a popular Disney film is read out, from which a song has to be named. The first player to slap their knee, correctly identify a song and sing a part of it wins the points. Definitely worth a watch, particularly for Mark’s spectacular rendition of ‘Heigh-Ho’ from Snow White.

  1. Exploding watermelon challenge

A classic foodie-style challenge video, where two teams of three players (consisting of Mark, Matt and Ryan vs Team Edge) wrap elastic bands around a watermelon to make it ‘explode’. Sounds simple (and slightly daft) but the results are very entertaining!

  1. Giant finger football

Mark and his group of friends split into two teams to compete against each other in this scaled-down football game. Featuring Mark ‘breaking a world record’ and lots of amusing special effects. 

  1. Team duct tape challenge*

Again, two teams are competing against each other. Each team of three takes turns spending a minute being wrapped up in duct tape together, which is done by the other team. They are then timed to see how quickly they can escape as a group.

*Although these videos aren’t technically Mark’s as they weren’t published on his channel, he still features on them, so by our books it counts.

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Written by CelebMix