5 movies you NEED to watch this Halloween on Netflix UK

We have all been there, spending hours scrolling endlessly though Netflix looking for something to watch. Well sit back and relax, as we have done all the hard work for you, with our five must watch films of Netflix UK, this Halloween.


5 must watches this Halloween on Netflix UK 1

Explaining this is something of a difficulty without giving too much away. A videographer (camera man to you and me) answers an ad to film with a man for a day, after a short while things get, lets say creepy. This is a slow film with nothing much going on, but it is a film that will stay with you for a very long time. There is no getting rid of Peachfuzz.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil

5 must watches this Halloween on Netflix UK 2

This film turns everything we know about horror films on its head, showing us the story from a very different perspective when Tucker and Dale get innocently caught up in a teenagers camping trip. In the days of Haunted House and Scary Movie 5, this is a refreshing and much needed spoof. Not only funny it is very clever, showing us all that everything is not all that it seems.

Fun Size

5 must watches this Halloween on Netflix UK 1


This is definitely no horror film, but not everyone can handle the scare of a horror film. Although a tween film this is really enjoyable for all, charming, fun, with many a laugh along the way.  Wyren takes babysitting very seriously by losing her brother Albert. We follow her and her friends as she tries to find him, bumping in to the many people Albert has met and charmed along the way.


5 must watches this Halloween on Netflix UK 4

This Australian delight is both scary and clever with a very important hidden message. Things start to go array when a book comes into the lives of an already troubled family, and the sinister figure plaguing the dreams of a little boy creep in to reality. It is a genuinely terrifying tale that will slowly but surely creep up on you.

Amityville Horror

5 must watches this Halloween on Netflix UK 5

What is scarier than something that actually happened? Based on ‘true events’ a young family move to a house that was the scene of a horrific, unexplained crime the previous year, soon they find themselves  terrorised by something unknown and terrifying.  This remake of a classic is as good, if not better than the original, something highly unusual. It has all the scares that will have you hiding behind your pillow.

Written by CelebMix