Five Of Niall Horan’s Best On Stage Moments

It’s common knowledge that One Direction concerts consist of nothing but straight chaos; between a lot of water fights and a lot of falling down, dull is certainly not part of their vocabulary.

The real challenge is trying to focus on just one out of the four boys while so much goes on. Luckily, we’ve dished out 5 of Niall’s best on stage moments – so if you’ve ever felt like you’ve missed anything important, worry no more! We’ve got you covered.

5 Of Niall's Best On Stage Moments 2

5. Raleigh, NC – “Rock Me” 

Right at the start of the video, Liam proceeds to ask Niall if he finds himself to be “quite rock and roll”. In response, Niall does a short demo of a rock instrumental leaving the entire audience (as well as ourselves) weak at the knees. Louis being Louis, congratulates him with a very impressed handshake. And throughout the remainder of Niall’s performance, you can ever so slightly hear an underlying tone of edge. Something we hope he does more of in the future.

4. Better Than Words

Ya make me wanna … one more night. 

Seriously, what would a performance of Better Than Words be without Niall’s famous crotch grab?

3. The “Love You Goodbye” Note Change

Not only is Love You Goodbye a beautifully written and soul fueling song, but Niall provided us with a whole new spin; pulling the rug right out from under our feet. He’s normally not one for note changes but for the few times he has chosen to do so, he’s done it with enough confidence to kill. Despite the fact that it made our hearts turn to mush, we’re forever grateful for this day.

2. I Gotta Feeling/Beautiful Girls/Stand By Me cover

This performance as a whole is something that is legendary, no doubt. But for the simple fact that we got to hear Niall cover I Gotta Feeling, Beautiful Girls, and Stand By Me all at once… there are just not enough words.

1. No Control

No Control is such a great song for a lot of reasons. Not only because of what the fandom did in regards to the #NoControlProject, but because of the way Niall took over Zayn’s solo after he left the band. He performs it so well that it makes us wonder why it wasn’t given to him in the first place. We also found that listening to it once wasn’t enough; which is why the above video is a compilation on loop for a total of 3:43. You’re welcome.

There are so many other moments out there that has made us fall hopelessly in love with this cute Irish lad. But if we had carried on past our top five, there is a good chance you would have been here for a whole lot longer.

5 Of Niall's Best On Stage Moments 3

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Written by Victoria Christiano

An iced coffee enthusiast who loves to write and take photos.