Olly Murs

5 of our favourite Olly Murs singles

This week it marks CelebMix’s fifth anniversary so we are going to celebrate by writing about some of our favourite celebrities, so let’s share five of our favourite Olly Murs music videos!

Dance With Me Tonight

Our first favourite song of Olly Murs’ is ‘Dance With Me Tonight’ which was released in 2012. It is a song that continues to get everybody up and dancing. Whether it is in their bedroom, living room or garden, it is a song that never gets old. We love it here at CelebMix because no matter where you are, ‘Dance With Me Tonight’ brings a happy and cheerful atmosphere.


Another big hit song of Olly’s which we absolutely loved was his single ‘Moves, which was released in 2018 and featured Snoop Dogg. This is one of our favourite singles because it is a groovy and catchy song to listen to. ‘Moves’ is definitely a song which you will find yourself dancing to at a club or party!

Dear Darlin’

So far from our favourite singles, we love how Olly brings out very cheerful and joyful songs. However, we all adore a singer who can make us feel all the emotions they feel during their song. So our next favourite single of his is Dear Darlin’ which was released in 2013. We love ‘Dear Darlin’ because it is a soft and soulful song that you can listen to when you want to relax or just have a peaceful moment.


Speaking of soulful and peaceful songs of Olly’s, we also love ‘Busy’ which was released in 2011. A song that will make you wake up and fall asleep with a smile on your face, we also love how it is a song that talks about scrambled eggs and bacon!

Please Don’t Let Me Go

Our fifth favourite single of Olly’s is the first song he released 10 years ago! ‘Please Don’t Let Me Go’ is a favourite of ours because it’s a romantic and mellow song which we all adore and we love the catchy lyrics that go along with it!

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Written by ChloeBishop