5 of our favourite Paramore singles

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For this article, we have decided to share with you our top five favourite singles by Paramore!

5. “Ain’t It Fun” (2014)

The fourth single from Paramore’s self-titled fourth studio album (2013), it’s musically different compared to most of the band’s previous singles, but there’s no denying how amazing this track really is. It’s so catchy, infectious and powerful.

“Ain’t It Fun” is an alternative rock song influenced by funk, new jack swing and gospel music. It seems like a lot, but it sounds amazing. The cherry on top is the powerful gospel choir that comes halfway through the song, which blends really well with lead singer Hayley Williams’ vocals. The song is is about Hayley moving from Nashville to Los Angeles as if it was supposed to be a ‘paradise’ for her – while realising that it was not going to be an easy ride for her.

Although the song is quite sarcastic in nature, there is no denying how “fun” (no pun intended) it really is. It marked a step in a new musical direction for Paramore, and it worked so well for them. The lyrics are also a life lesson to many: once you grow up, you’re on your own now.

4. “Rose-Colored Boy” (2018)

The fourth single from Paramore’s fifth studio album, “After Laughter” (2017) might seem like a sunny, umtempo number, but there is a sadness behind the lyrics which makes the song all the more complex.

“Rose-Colored Boy” is an 80s influenced synthpop song, with an infectious feeling and a very catchy intro: “lowkey, no pressure, just hang with me and my weather”. Lyrically, the song touches on depression, and how Hayley does not really see herself as an optimistic person, while the ‘rose-colored boy’ tends to see things a lot differently.

We love this song because of the stark contrast between the happy-go-lucky 80s instrumental, compared to the much sadder lyrics beneath it. We also have to applaud Paramore for highlighting mental health issues in such a sensitive yet aspirational way.

3. “Misery Business” (2007)

“Misery Business” (2007) is the lead single from the band’s second studio album, “Riot” (2007) and one of biggest and most iconic songs.

Living up to its parent album’s title, this song literally is a riot. It’s an infectious, high-energy and aggressive pop punk and emo song with an insane guitar riff throughout – our highlight being the guitar breakdown halfway through the song before the final chorus. Hayley sings about a close male friend who she felt was being  manipulated by a girl, and is finally able to get him where she wants when they start to date.  The song’s lyrical content has been debated for several years – and it was only in a recent interview that Hayley admitted the song was about former Paramore bandmate Josh Farro.

Notably, Hayley has spoken about the track several times over the years, saying that she does not relate to it anymore. In 2018, she also announced that Paramore would be retiring the song from their future shows.

Despite Hayley’s regrets, which we understand, we still love this song for what it is. It portrays a sense of teenage angst going through Hayley’s mind at that time, accompanied by a hard-hitting pop punk sound. It’s a classic Paramore song and an epitome of their early years.

2. “Decode” (2008)

“Decode” is taken from the soundtrack to “Twilight” (2008), the first film in the “Twilight” saga, based on the book series by Stephanie Myer. And what a song it is. Dark, introspective and hauntedly chilling in a way. It is also one of Paramore’s signature hits.

The emo song, influenced by hard rock, was partly inspired by the complicated relationship between the two protagonists of “Twilight”, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Moreover, the song can further be interpreted to be about being confused about one’s emotions.

This song is simply Paramore at their best. Not only does the song help to conjure up the mixed emotions and issues within relationships, but it was also the perfect song to launch “Twilight” with, and sums up Bella and Edward’s romance so well. The dark undertones of the song really help to evoke a sense of emotion throughout.

1. “Ignorance” (2009)

Our favourite Paramore single has to be “Ignorance” (2009) – the lead single off the band’s third studio album, “Brand New Eyes” (2009). Everything about this is so raw, exhilarating, chaotic and fun. And we love it.

The song was co-written by Hayley and former bandmate Josh Farro about a difficult point for the band during their time together, and how Hayley especially felt as if she was losing the people around her, until she realised that she it was only because she was growing up. The lyrics are backed by a fast-paced uptempo pop punk and alternative rock-fused instrumental.

Although the song’s lyrics might seem somewhat depressing, the song is also joyful in a way, and super exciting to listen to. We’ve loved it from the first listen and it will continue to remain such an important Paramore song for years to come.

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