5 of the most famous ice hockey players

Ice hockey is a sport enjoyed by millions of people around the world, both those who play and those who watch games on TV – but it’s not as well-known or publicized as some others, like basketball or soccer.

However, that’s not to say that the ice rink hasn’t created stars – below, we’ve rounded up some of the most famous ice hockey players of the 21st century.


Wayne Gretzky

Wayne is a former professional ice hockey player and also spent time as a head coach before he retired after twenty seasons in the National Hockey League.

He held the nickname The Great One and was considered by many one of the greatest ice hockey players of all time by fans, sportswriters, and even the NHL. Indeed, he was the only NHL player to reach more than 200 points in a single season – a feat that he managed to achieve four times.


Nikos Kypreos

Nikos is another professional ice hockey player that’s well-known today.

Of Greek descent, he is from Canada and played for eight seasons in the National Hockey League for the Hartford Whalers, Washington Capitals, New York Rangers, and Toronto Maple Leafs.

Today, he is an ice hockey analyst on Sportsnet in Canada and is the go-to resource if you’re considering having a flutter on a game. Don’t forget that you can find tonnes of ice hockey bettings tips at Betmaster, helping you to increase the likelihood of winning a bet!


Max Bentley

Named one of the 100 greatest ice hockey players of all time by the National Hockey League, Bentley was incredibly popular in Chicago and was one of thirteen children – the youngest of six boys.

He was put on the rink at just four years old, and his love for his sport was born. Sadly, Bentley didn’t follow doctor’s orders surrounding his health and died in 1984 aged 63, but his legacy will live on for many decades to come in the ice hockey world.


Chris Chelios

Chris played the most games among League defensemen and won two Stanley Cup titles with Red Wings and another with Canadiens during his tenancy on the rink.

“Nobody embodies the passion and love for the game the way Chris Chelios does. Nobody,” Chicago Blackhawks teammate Jeremy Roenick said when speaking to the National Hockey League, who honoured Chris as one of the 100 greatest hockey players of all time.

Nicknamed The Godfather of USA Hockey, we’ll let his name and nickname speak for itself on this occasion.


Sidney Crosby

Finally, a quick nod to Sidney Crosby.

The 32-year-old ice hockey player hails from Canada and is currently with the Pittsburgh Penguins with a reported US$10 million salary – not bad for someone who shoots hockey pucks for a living!

In 2018, he scored his 400th NHL goal, becoming the 95th player to reach the milestone and in 2010 signed the biggest endorsement contract in NHL history with Reebok, which paid Crosby $1.4 million for five years.

He is one of the biggest names in ice hockey right now and has certainly used his career to his advantage!

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Written by Monella