5 Reasons Kalin and Myles Should be your New Favorite Duo of 2016

Perhaps one of the most underrated groups in the pop/rap music scene is the Bay Area duo, Kalin and Myles. Maybe it’s because the two started on vine or because they have a large teenage girl following, but the pair deserves a lot of respect. Here are 5 reasons why Kalin and Myles should be on your radar this year as one of the best up and coming acts.

Their shows are always super hyped

Check out this video from their concert.

Kalin and Myles come out with a ton of energy, which transfers over to the energy of the crowd. The two switch off on stage between singing, rapping, and dancing, but never letting the energy drop.

They truly care about their fans

Kalin and Myles always take time to show appreciation to their fans. They often take time to tweet back their fans and even make videos where they answer their fans’ questions. Here’s a recent video of one of their latest Q&A’s below.

They have some awesome collaborations

They have multiple collaborations with their rapper, P-Lo, including their dance hit Do My Step. Another catchy tune is Bassline, which feature Derek King and Anjali World. But perhaps their best collaboration yet, is off their latest studio album, features Jack and Jack. The song is quite unique, featuring raps from both Jack Johnson and Myles, while still having edm influences.

They have a huge social media presence, which means you’re constantly blessed with new pictures and videos

Their biggest following is on vine, where they have nearly a million followers and over 328 million loops. They also have quite a large following on Instagram, with over 400,000 followers with Kalin White boasting 567000 Instagram followers. Here, you can follow the rap duo on their InstagramTwitter, or Vine.

… and of course, they’re super cute!

Both the guys are not only good looking, but they’re so charismatic with the ladies, it makes them irresistible. Check out some of their latest Instagram posts below.



Hopefully, we have inspired you to check out Kalin and Myles, so they will become your newest obsession in 2016, just like they are mine!

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Written by CelebMix