5 Reasons We Are Really Missing Lilo

The lads of One Direction may be on a hiatus, but our feelings don’t get a vacation. Watching the Brit Awards this year made our OT5 hearts ache. With only Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne in attendance to accept the award for British Artist Video, we gained a new appreciation for the pair and realized just how much we missed the bromance that is Lilo.

Made up of Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson (LIam, LOuis, get it?), Lilo is one friendship that we hold near and dear to our heart. The pair is always full of jokes and smiles, and epitomize what true friendship is.

Though our list is much longer, we’ve narrowed down our top five reasons for missing the Gruesome Twosome.

5. They always make time for a selfie


Be that as it may, we aren’t always granted the pleasure of seeing said selfies. Sometimes, though, the clouds open up, and we are blessed.

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4. Interviews are always much more interesting with Lilo goofing around



The two were menaces from the get-go


3. They’ve forever changed Little Things



When we say they’ve ruined Little Things for us, we definitely mean in a good way.


Really good.


2. They make silly string and water fights a regular occurrence




No matter the song or their position on stage, one will always find a way to mess with the other.

1. Masterpieces are created when they write together

When these two put their heads together to write, absolute greatness is the result. Little White Lies, Steal My Girl, What a Feeling, and Home, are just a few of our favorites that the two have written together. Another example, and perhaps the best example, is Midnight Memories. Take a listen to the work tape. We dare you not to smile.

This pair is something special. The story of their friendship is a great one. You’d never think that the two didn’t get along, but that was exactly the case in the beginning. The two eventually turned it around–Liam calls Louis his best friend, which you can see in this video that hit us right in the feels.


With the boys on hiatus, that leaves us much time for reflection. That being said, we can honestly say that a friendship like Liam and Louis have is rare. It’s something to aspire to. To put it simply, Lilo is friendship goals.

5 Reasons We Are Really Missing Lilo 1

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