5 Reasons We Are Really Missing Ziam

In the frenzy of trying to keep up with both Zayn and One Direction, we occasionally find ourselves longing for the days when everyone was in sync. Not only was it easier to stay up-to-date, but we also got loads of Zayn and Liam bro-love, and it never hurts to look back. Check out the bits of Ziam-ness we miss the most:

5. Their Interviews and Games Together

There are a few things in this video we’d like to discuss. First of all, can you think of anything more adorable than Ziam snuggling in a bed together? We’re stumped. Secondly, Liam actually knows how Zayn’s farts smell; talk about friendship goals!

Not only is the the utter silliness of “Feel the Entourage” downright hilarious, but we’re also thoroughly enjoying Zayn and Liam stumbling around in blindfolds and dancing to whimsical music.

4. Their Harmonies

Liam’s falsetto and Zayn’s vocals blend in such an ethereal consonance that it seems to lift us up out of our seats and give us a taste of the heavens — or is that just us?

3. Their Stage Antics

Liam effortlessly sweeping Zayn off his feet and swinging him around? What more could Ziam lovers ask for?

2. Their Look Together

Both Zayn and Liam are individually hot, but put them side-by-side and the appeal is kicked up a notch. Here are a few throwback pics to help counter any Ziam withdrawals:

5 Reasons We Are Really Missing Ziam 5

5 Reasons We Are Really Missing Ziam 6

5 Reasons We Are Really Missing Ziam 7

5 Reasons We Are Really Missing Ziam 1

1. Their Moments of Appreciation

Iconic Ziam moments aren’t just limited to when Zayn was in the band. Even after March 25, Zayn and Liam showed the strength of their friendship, especially through shoutouts of gratitude.


Liam calling Zayn “our brother” just released all our emotions. This speech was made at the Billboard Music Awards in May 2015, just two months after Zayn’s departure, but Liam ensured their bond was still as strong as ever.

On One Direction’s fifth anniversary, Liam mentioned Zayn in appreciation tweet, and Zayn was quick to shoot back a friendly reply, complete with an emoji and everything!

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Written by CelebMix