5 Reasons why we miss One Direction’s Take Me Home Tour

While the One Direction lads are enjoying some well-deserved time off, we are here to accompany you on a trip down 1D memory lane. Let’s take it back to 2013. When baby Lux was still a baby, Harry couldn’t do a magnificent mermaid hair-whip yet and Niall got rid of his braces. But also: the year of the Take Me Home Tour. Here are five reasons we miss Take Me Home every single day.

5. the Twitter questions

The Twitter questions from the Take Me Home era were nothing short of glorious. They gave us some incredible breakdancing, a whole load of impressions and some Irish dancing. The video below contains the boys doing some pretty good impressions of their Best Song Ever video characters.

4. Nouis during “Over Again”

We have to give 1D’s choreographer Paul a shout out and a big thank you for letting Niall and Louis sit together during “Over Again”. They might not have been a hundred percent focused on singing at all times, usually too occupied with making each other laugh to really pay attention to anything else, but we can’t really be bothered. As much as we love hearing the boys sing, we love the sound of their laughter even more. And no, we will not apologize for saying something that cheesy.

5 Reasons we miss One Direction's Take Me Home Tour 1

3. Little Things

“Little Things” has always been a fan favourite and it’s easy to see why. The song has something intimate about it, even when played in arenas, and it’s hard not to turn into the heart eyes emoji each and every time Niall sings that bridge. If the following video is anything to go by, the fans in Dublin love that bridge just as much as we do.


2. The casual outfits

During Take Me Home tour, One Direction slowly but steadily said goodbye to the colour-coordinated outfits from the Up All Night era, only to replace it with something even better. Niall and Liam totally got the whole frat boy look going on, Zayn turned from just hot to extremely hot and bad-ass by getting a bunch of tattoos, Harry started experimenting with headscarves and Louis’ jeans got progressively tighter throughout the tour. We approve.

5 Reasons why we miss One Direction's Take Me Home Tour 1


1. Teenage Dirtbag

Also known as the best cover ever played. And the best scene from “This Is Us”. And the best thing that happened in 2013. What are we saying, the best thing that happened ever. This video has over 2 million views on Youtube and we’re pretty sure at least 1.9 million come from us.

What was your favourite part of the Take Me Home Tour? Anything important that we forgot? Let us know in the comments or over at @CelebMix1D!



Written by CelebMix