5 Reasons why we miss One Direction’s Up All Night Tour

With One Direction currently being on hiatus and having no concerts planned in the foreseeable future, One Direction fans have to make do with nothing but memories. To help you cope with this concert-drought – or to make you even more sentimental and emotional than you already are – we compiled lists of reasons why we miss each One Direction tour. Today: the Up All Night Tour.

5. The tiny venues

Oh, how we miss those tiny theaters. Back in 2012, One Direction toured venues with an average capacity of fewer than 10.000 seats! It’s hard to imagine there was a time before they sold out the biggest stadiums in the world.

5 Reasons we miss One Direction's Up All Night Tour 1

4. The covers

With the boys only having one album out at the time, they decided to fill the setlist with some covers. We got Zayn singing the Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling”, Niall covering “Stereo Hearts”, Louis singing his little heart out with “Valerie” and to top it all off Liam and Harry joined in on “Torn”. And let’s not forget the boys’ cover of Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody”. What a time to be alive.

3. The outfits

Nowadays One Direction seems to go for the super extremely casual look more often than not, with the lads wearing whatever tank top or floral see-through shirt they can find and the only matching part of their outfits being their trademark black skinny jeans. How different was it in 2012, when the boys not only wore matching outfits but also changed their clothing multiple times during one show!


5 Reasons why we miss One Direction's Up All Night Tour 2

2. The tracklist

We’re not gonna pretend we aren’t happy with One Direction’s musical growth over the past five years, but sometimes you just miss those golden oldies. “What Makes You Beautiful” may have never left the One Direction setlist, but we would pay serious money to hear some of the other classics from the Up All Night album played live again. We suggest the lads open the next tour with “Everything About You”.

1. The dance moves

Coordinated dance routines have never really been One Direction’s forte, but you can’t deny that there was some serious thrusting, jumping and waving going on during the Up All Night Tour. In the gif below, for example, you can see Niall already practicing his swing (he must’ve already known that a golf career was inevitable), Louis doing what he does best and Liam being the professional he is.

5 Reasons we miss One Direction's Up All Night Tour 1

What are your favourite memories of the Up All Night Tour? And which track would you want to hear the boys play live again? Let us know in the comments below or over at @CelebMix1D!


Written by CelebMix