5 Reasons We Are Really Missing Nouis

With the One Direction lads enjoying some well-deserved time away from each other, and Cal Aurand hitting us right in the feels with some new pics from the On The Road Again Tour this week, we thought this might be the perfect moment to reminisce about our favourite 1D friendships. Here are five reasons why we’re missing Niall and Louis’ friendship. A lot.

5. When Niall and Louis are together, you don’t even need to hire an interviewer

It saves money AND this immediately solves the problem of those dreaded ‘what do you look for in a girl’ questions – we’re sure Niall can come up with more interesting stuff than that.

5 Reasons We Are Really Missing Nouis 3

4. They have boyband dance moves down to a science

We mean, Liam and Harry’s dancing is pretty okay… But Niall and Louis are on a whole new level, aren’t they?

5 Reasons We Are Really Missing Nouis 2

3. They take some pretty great selfies

Let’s be honest here: we love every One Direction selfie out there and if we could, we’d paint our walls with them. Whether it’s the entire band, any pairing, or one of Liam’s smouldering selfies, we love ’em. But the tongue action Niall and Louis have got going on deserves an honourable mention. Keep that going guys, we dig it.

5 Reasons We Are Really Missing Nouis 1

2. They try to act tough

Ah, our favourite thing: sweet guys trying to look badass and failing miserably. Niall and Louis are those kids who got that whole ‘too cool for school’ attitude going on, and then all of a sudden you find out they volunteer at the local animal shelter and bake cookies for the elderly in their spare time.

5 Reasons We Are Really Missing Nouis 1

1. They give the softest hugs

Niall and Louis may try to act all cool and tough, but look at these hugs. That looks pretty soft and sweet, doesn’t it? We’re only a teeny tiny bit jealous.

5 Reasons We Are Really Missing Nouis 2

We could go on for hours about every little Nouis thing we miss, but for your sanity and our own, let’s stop right here. What’s your favourite thing about Niall and Louis? Let us know in the comments below or over at @CelebMix and @CelebMix1D!


Written by CelebMix