5 Seconds Of Summer ” Is Their Concert Worth It?”

I’ve recently attended the 5 Seconds Of Summer concert in Detroit a couple days ago. No, it wasn’t my first but it was my first time that I actually thought about writing about it. To answer the question that a lot of people ask (surprisingly) is yes. It’s worth it, whether you have VIP tickets, general admission, or just standard seating it’s worth it.


”Why?” You may ask. Well, because their different than any rock band ever. Their concerts are intimate. It’s like you get a piece of their personality. Their sound check offers such an intimate setting I almost felt uncomfortable with how up close and personal we were. We started with a song, and obviously they had to kill me with playing ‘Long Way Home’ my favorite. Their stage presence is utterly amazing and contagious. They make you want to pick up a guitar and start strummin’. They lock eyes with the crowd and it gives you a rush I can’t explain.


If you don’t think that you could make it to the sound check, then don’t worry. The concert is just as intimate. The energy they have is just mind blowing to see. They are well organized and very interactive. They look like their having a blast, which to me is everything. There’s nothing worse than going to a concert where the artists aren’t enjoying themselves.


They play songs from all the way back when Luke had fringe, from all the way to now where Ashton has now mastered the man bun so it’s certain that everyone is going to have a great time.


So hopefully you all buy tickets while you can because this band is HOT!


Written by CelebMix