The 5SOS boys in Japan recently.

5 Seconds of Summer open up on ‘Cloudy’ song

In a recent interview something that had been confusing the 5SOS fam for many months was finally cleared up.

A few months ago a song named ‘Cloudy’ surfaced from The Janoskians which supposedly featured the 5SOS boys. However when questioned about it lead singer Luke Hemmings said ‘No one told us they were using it’ he carried on by saying

‘it was definitely never written for them or with them, but they may use it, they might not.’

The 5SOS boys did not seemed fazed at all about them using it as it was going to be used for the first album they simply just forgot about it.

So, it seems all is well and the 5SOS boys are mostly looking forward to their second album which will be released this year, so make sure you look out for that.

Written by CelebMix