5 Seconds of Summer Hey Everybody!

5 Seconds of Summer released their new single “Hey Everybody!” today.  This is the fourth song the boys have released off the new album “Sounds Good Feels Good”.  The first came in the form of a single “She’s Kinda Hot”, the second a pre-order instant download “Fly Away”, the third another pre-order instant download “Jet Black Heart”, and this last one will potentially bring a new music video much like the first.

The song was written by the boys with co-writing credits from Duran Duran and the Madden Brothers.  The single relates closest to “She’s Kinda Hot” with the same angsty optimism saying “we don’t have to live this way” similarly to “we’re alright though,” the lead lyric in the predecessor. The song shows its musical influences with a verse akin to Duran Duran’s own song “Hungry Like the Wolf”.  5 Seconds of Summer however put their own spin on it with brilliant harmonies and even an acoustic guitar bridge.

5 Seconds of Summer have been off promoting their new album first in Australia, and now the UK.  The boys will spend another week or so in the UK before returning to Los Angeles for their album release and a performance at CBS’ We Can Survive Concert Event. They will then travel to New York City for the Today Show and an exclusive performance for iHeartRadio at the iHeartRadio Theater before heading to Atlanta, GA for The New Broken Scene Event.

The boys sophomore album “Sounds Good Feels Good” comes out on October 23 across the world.  It is available for pre-order on iTunes, Amazon, Target, or their online store, which will guarantee access to a special pre-sale for tickets to their next tour in 2016.  The Target version of the album also comes in four different covers, each featuring a different member of the band, and will have two bonus tracks, “The Space Between a Rock and a Hard Place” and “Story of Another Us”.

Written by CelebMix