How 5 Seconds of Summer Inspire YouTubers

In fandoms, there are many different people with many different interests, but what makes a fandom special is the band, artist, book, or show that brings these distinct people together in a way nothing else can. In 5 Seconds of Summer’s fandom, the 5SOS family, there are passionate writers, artists, musicians, and even YouTubers, who express their love for 5SOS through what they love.

YouTubers who are fans of the band all have a different story on how Calum, Ashton, Luke, and Michael, changed their lIves for the better. They’ve motivated them in some way or another to do what they love and do it with confidence. We had a chat with Colleen Kelly about her YouTube channel, colliscool, and how 5SOS have inspired her to be the person she is now.

How did you start making YouTube videos?

I started making videos summer of 2015 because I was (and still am) super into video editing and obsessed with 5SOS! So I took the two things I was super passionate about and did something fun with it!

What is it like being a YouTuber in the 5SOS family?

Being a youtuber in the 5SOS fam is super strange because even when not everyone follows or have seen my videos a lot of them still know me. It’s a thing I’ll never get used to but at the same time I love it because I have a pretty big voice and can spread “positive vibes” in the fanbase with it.

In what ways have 5SOS changed your life?

5SOS have COMPLETELY flipped my life upside-down! cue fresh prince of bel air theme song I feel like anyone who has expierenced being in a fandom can agree with how weirdly important it is to your life. The biggest thing is that 5SOS helped me make friends. I have so many amazing internet friends (all of my viewers and ones I hang out with in real life too!). Without 5SOS I wouldn’t have these people or opportunites that I do and I’m forever thankful. 5SOS have also inspired me to expand my interests in music and find new cool bands and I have even attempted to learn a few instruments (and failed).

Why did you start making YouTube videos?

Back when I used Vine a ton in 2013 and 2014 I made 5SOS vine edits and it was kind of a creative outlet. I remember scrolling on vine and seeing a bunch of accounts that made One Direction edits and thought they were super cool so I gave it a try and people seemed to really like them and I enjoyed making them so I kept it up!

A lot of your “fans” are 5SOS family. What do you love about making videos for them?

Having a following of people with super similar interests as me is my favorite thing about YouTube in general! I feel like since we share similar tastes in music and fandoms I can be more myself and be more genuine. I’m one of very few “fangirl” youtubers and it is something I am so proud of and get genuine happiness from.

Do you feel like you’d be the same person without 5SOS?

I definitely do not think I would be the same person without 5SOS being such a big part of my life. Lots of people turn to the internet when they are going through hard times to find something that makes them happy and I found the 5SOS fam at a point in my life where I was struggling. People who don’t use the internet a ton (I call them “outernets”) usually judge internet people for always being on their phones and being so disconnected from life.

The reality of that for me is that on the internet I feel more connected to people than ever. We all share some strange bond or something. Like I could spot a person in public with a 5SOS shirt and compliment them and it be the coolest thing ever because we share that bond of a fandom. It’s super hard to explain but I’m doing my best.

What have 5SOS taught you?

5SOS have taught me through their lyrics and interactions with the fanbase that it’s okay to be different. Embracing the things that make you you is so important and there are people out there who love and accept everything you are and you don’t have to be ashamed of anything.

So.. if I had the chance to thank 5SOS for anything it would be for the friends I’ve made and the music and live shows they put their hearts and butts into. Everything they do is not overlooked and it is definately appreciated. SO THANK YOU!!!

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Written by CelebMix