5 Things To Do To Feel Christmassy

So its November now, which means (to some) its time to get Christmassy, here are some things to help that.

       5 Things To Do To Feel Christmassy 1

  1. Listen to some christmassy music

This is a no brainer, Christmas songs always get me in the mood even if we’re in the middle of July sunbathing, some of my favourite tunes to listen to are:

The classics like Last Christmas, All I Want For Christmas Is You and Fairytale Of New York. Then obviously Pentatonix’s Christmas album, The Vamps Christmas album and Michael Buble in general.

2. Put up your Christmas tree.

Okay so maybe this is a little bit early (or maybe not, some people put their tree up in October?!) but as soon as you can put your tree up, when the Christmas lights are twinkling and you’re watching your favourite christmas movie it feels so great… speaking about Christmas movies…

3. Watch Christmas movies!

I watched Elf earlier and it put me in such a christmassy mood, which is why I’m writing this article! Theres nothing better than sitting down and watching a good Christmas movie. Some of my favourites are The Grinch, Deck The Halls, Elf and Arthur Christmas.

5 Things To Do To Feel Christmassy 1

4. Put on a christmas jumper.

Christmas jumpers are everyones favourite, don’t lie… I personally love the ones with the little bells hanging off and they jingle when you walk, you know those ones right? Well definitely put one of them on while you’re watching your films or listening to the music, then you’ll be extra christmassy!

5. Do some Christmas shopping.

As all of my family members tell me, the earlier the better! I love going to places like Bluewater or Westfield and shopping for my family and friends while forever watching the beautiful christmas decorations, it makes me so happy when the presents are opened and I get to see the smiles on everyones faces.

Let us know in the comments below or over on @CelebMix how you are getting all christmassy.

Written by CelebMix