5 Things We Want During Zayn’s First TV Interview.

As most of you know by now, Zayn Malik is set to give his first TV interview as a solo artist next Friday on The Graham Norton Show. He’s expected to discuss his new music and while we are all looking forward to that, there are a few other things we hope will come up in this exciting interview.

5. Discussions on future collaborations.

When Zayn first signed with RCA, Chris Brown got the Zquad talking when he mentioned that he wouldn’t mind working with his new label mate. He even followed Zayn for a couple of hours, before setting his follow count back at zero again.

The Zquad hasn’t been shy about who they’d like to see their idol perform with. The ideas have mainly been R&B artists such as Drake, The Weeknd, the missing Frank Ocean, etc. What most of us want to know now is who does Zayn want to collaborate with one day? Maybe Graham will ask!

4. A Fresh Prince rap with the Fresh Prince himself.

Zayn did a version of this with the lads on the Take Me Home tour, so how cool would it be for his first unofficial collab to be with Will Smith, who’s slated to appear on the GN show as well? If it happens, kiss us goodbye, we’ll be gone.

3. Graham showing Zayn the video of Liam’s solo material.

Liam’s recent video of him rapping to some of his own music had the fans crying and taking notes on how Zayn wasn’t the only one in 1D who had a voice for R&B. It’d be nice to know what Zayn thinks of it, although we’re 70% sure that he probably replayed it hundreds of times like the rest of us.

2. Spoken confirmation on the album’s details.

At the time of this writing, so much has happened. From the Culture article, which has Zayn giving many intimate details about his music, to MTV slating a Twitter-Zayn confirmed music video premiere on the same day as the Graham Norton interview, to an appearance on The Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 1 (take notes PR companies, this is how you do promo), it’s shaping up to be a beautiful Z016 indeed. Reading these details in interviews is one thing, but the only way to know for sure is hearing it come from Zayn’s mouth himself. Basically, we just want to hear that beautiful voice get all passionate while he talks about this music he’s worked so hard on.

1. Exposing Ryan Reynolds as The Unofficial Zquad Leader.

When it was announced that Zayn was going to be on the show with Ryan Reynolds, it took the Zquad maybe two seconds to start bringing back Ryan’s tweets where he was just as passionate about Zayn as the rest of us. From asking the important questions to sharing your typical Zquad member struggles, the Deadpool star knows us. He is us. Graham should definitely show Zayn these tweets. His reaction should be adorably hilarious, and we’d love to see Ryan and Zayn finally meet.

Zquad, buckle up and hold on. January 29 is going to be very busy indeed.

What about you, CelebMixers? What do you want to happen on this interview? Shoot us a comment or a tweet and let us know.

Written by CelebMix