5 Things We Love About Joe Tasker

Whether it is, his YouTube videos or pranks. We have compiled a list of 5 things we love about YouTuber, Joe Tasker.

1. He entertains fans with amazing YouTube videos

Joe uploads a variety of videos that are entertaining. We especially like the video where he went to work at a zoo for the day.

2. He is a CBBC presenter

Joe presents the links on CBBC. The links are there to introduce the next show, and to also read out viewers comments. Sometimes there are celebrity guests or guests from shows on CBBC on the links, and viewers have the opportunity to submit questions for the guests.

3. He also presents Saturday Mashup

Saturday Mashup is a program that is broadcast on CBBC from 9AM-11:30AM. Joe presents this show alongside BBC Radio Asian Network presenter, Harpz Kaur.

Joe Tasker and Harpz Kaur (Saturday Mashup)

During lockdown the show has been made remotely, and the remote version of the show is called Saturday Mash-up: Houseparty. Saturday Mash-up is a show that is filled with games, challenges and celebrity guests.

4. He loves pranks

Recently Joe played a prank on his friends and fans where he pretended to freeze on video callto his friends and a live stream on Instagram. The friends that he pranked included YouTuber Adam B and Mikey Cobban.

5. He has a car that is called Gloria.

We certainly think the name Gloria is an exceptionally amazing name to call a car. On the subject of cars, he made a video where he pranked Adam B with the help of Lee Hinchcliffe, replacing his Tesla with a Toy Car. We thought Adam’s reaction was quite hilarious.

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Written by Emily Severn

I'm Emily, I am really enthusiastic about music, celebrities, YouTube, TV shows, writing and sport.