5 times Britney Spears made us laugh

To celebrate CelebMix’s fifth anniversary, we have taken a closer look at some of our favourite celebrities, and the different aspects that we love about them.

For this article, we have decided to share with you our top five Britney Spears moments that have made us laugh!

1. Britney as a judge on “The X Factor” (2012)

Britney notably appeared as a judge on the US version of “The X Factor” in 2012, alongside Simon Cowell, LA Reid and Demi Lovato. And she gave us some really hilarious moments we continue to laugh at, especially at the auditions!

Britney was known especially for her funny one-liners – although some were quite savage! From “I want to know who let you on stage”, to “You need a teacher… to teach you how to sing”. At the end of the day, she was just trying to be as honest as possible when it came to judging the singing abilities of those who had auditioned. Although, it was still funny to watch all the same.

Perhaps our favourite funny moment to come from her time on the show was when a lightning storm broke out during an audition – and Britney seemed fairly freaked out by what was going on!

2. Britney and Ellen DeGeneres at the mall together (2016)

Britney has appeared countless times with Ellen DeGeneres on her show, and the two make a dream team together!

One of our favourite moments of the duo together is from 2016, when Britney and Ellen went to a local shopping mall together and made a big deal about the fact that they are celebrities.

Some of the mishaps they got up to included walking up the escalators that were going down – while Britney was wearing heels – and Ellen urging parents to encourage their children to be famous when they grow up. We always find ourselves laughing everytime we watch the clip – it just proves how much fun Britney and Ellen really are together!

Britney on the Jonathan Ross Show (2016)

One of our favourite interviews of Britney in recent years is when she made an appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show in 2016. Britney came across so well and provided some pretty goofy moments. We always find ourselves laughing everytime we watch this!

During the interview, Britney recalled what she considered to be one of the worst dates of her life: she mentioned being set up with a guy who she thought looked like a lizard! There was also a guy in the audience who could not stop showing his love and appreciation for Britney by shouting out how much he loved her.

Britney also played a series of games during the interview, including inhaling a helium balloon and singing and never have I ever – where she cheekily revealed she had farted once while performing!

Britney guest starring on “How I Met Your Mother” (2008)

In 2008, Britney made a guest appearance in an episode of the third season of “How I Met Your Mother” as Abby, a receptionist who becomes interested in the show’s main character, Ted (Josh Radnor).

Although Britney’s appearance in the show was short (this was her only episode), there’s no denying she gave such a witty and comical performance throughout her scenes. This proves that Britney is as good as an actor as she is a singer to many.


5. Britney cannot stop laughing during Japanese interview (2003)

During a promotional tour in Japan in 2003, Britney gave an interview ahead of the release of her fourth studio album, “In the Zone”, and burst into laughter when given a picture of a Japanese guy she had previously met.

As she asked for the guy’s name, she tried to hold back her giggles but was unable to! Her laugh makes us laugh – she is adorable. 


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Written by Isla Williams

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