5 Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world after Google. It has more than 1,9 billion people registered that watch approximately 5 billion videos. Launched back in 2005, YouTube has come a long way. Every 60 seconds over 300 hours of HD quality videos being loaded on it that contributes more than 1,300,000,000 videos. With the growing popularity of YouTube, many people want to become a part of it as it gives a great opportunity to people to show their talent, educate people and earn some good money.

If you’ve recently started a YouTube channel, but concerned how to lead the race when there are so many leaders out there so here are the 5 tips we have that will surely help you to grow your YouTube Channel. Let’s have a look:

Tip 1: Decide your Niche/keyword/topic

Creating a YouTube video around a single keyword/topic is the best way to grow your audience base. If you want to get maximum viewers to your YouTube channel, you need to be aware of the SEO best practices. You can explore website like CelebMix where you can see how top celebs have used SEO keywords on their YouTube channels to create a big impact on the minds of their audience.

Picking keywords even before building your video content makes easier for YouTube to pick it up. Once you have decided the keywords, check the trending videos that are ranking using those keywords. Also, don’t forget to optimize your video descriptions and title. The top videos on YouTube are usually less than 5 minutes long, so try to keep it engaging, informative and short, keeping the interest of the targeted audience in mind.

Tip 2: Create a schedule for posting your videos

When you create a YouTube channel, you need to engage your audience on a regular basis. Make sure you are not giving a long time space between your videos. So, it is important to know how frequently do you post on your channel. This is important if you seriously want to grow your channel. You need to keep a schedule and then post videos on set times and set days. More videos mean you’ll be reaching a wider audience base and it helps your channel to rank on YouTube search engine.

Also, when people know that you will be publishing videos often, they are more likely to visit your channel and this also increases the chances of getting subscriptions. When you create a schedule for posting your videos, you will get views, likes and subscribers. According to Social Media Examiner, you should post at least 3 times a week on your YouTube channel.

Tip 3: Use Tags

Video Tags play a crucial role in helping your videos and channels to be found. If you don’t use the right tags, chances are, people will not find your channels and the growth will be slow. The tags are basically the keywords that you are adding to your video. These are used to describe and highlight the content in your video.

To find the best keywords for your video, you can use Google Chrome plugins. It will help you to find the best keywords for your videos and channel. Using relevant tags also help your channel for search and ranking purposes. When you use correct tags, it will boost the visibility of your channel on the search results. Make sure that you are choosing precise tags to describe your video content. The more relevant your tags, the more views your video will receive.

Tip 4: Create valuable videos for your viewers

People visit Youtube to get entertained and educate themselves. They are always excited to explore and subscribe to a channel that provides valuable content to them along with keeping them engaged. So to grow your channel you need to have a content that educates your viewers.

Your purpose should be to provide value to your viewers. For instance, you can start a how-to tutorial as it encourages people to watch the video and keep returning to your channel. Always remember that people are visiting your channel either to get educated or entertained. You can choose any option you like, but if you want to educate your audience, make sure you have all the knowledge about it. Growing a YouTube channel needs regular work especially from the start. It is important to have patience and have content that you know will provide value to your subscribers and viewers.

Tip 5: Well formatted Videos

The last but not the least. When you have an influential and valuable content for your audience, make sure to work on the quality of the videos. Edit your videos carefully and spend time to make them worth watching. You can even use tools like Renderforest that can help you to create and format videos, clips or advertisement. The clip maker by Renderforest enables you to create YouTube video clips with a professional touch. It can make your video pro in less than 5 minutes. You can choose from different templates available and show your professionalism and creativity with high-end animations.

Even if you are seeking to create a broadcast quality professional advertising animations and videos, then you can use advertisement maker by Renderforest. Featuring 85,000 templates choices and 1000s of animated assets, this tool allows you to create your first commercial for YouTube straight away.

Wrapping the Post

Growing a YouTube channel needs patience, talent and hard work. You can not master it without knowing any of these three things. Expanding a YouTube channel doesn’t mean doing some promotional and marketing work, but it starts with creating valuable content to draw the attention of your intended audience. Using Renderforest to create a YouTube advertisement and clips is a great way to add a professional touch to your videos. It drives more audience to your channel, increase your conversion, help you in building trust and rank higher on YouTube. Browse templates and try for FREE now!

Written by CelebMix