5 US Celebrities Who Love To Gamble – In Their Career And For Fun

Celebrities tend to have a bit more spare cash to splash on the things they enjoy than the average civilian. For some that means shopping sprees, sports cars and supremely expensive dining experiences. For others, the competitive hunger that got them to where they are today is expressed in other ways.

Gambling is a great example of this; a pastime that takes nerves of steel, emotional intelligence and a big bankroll. With that in mind, it might not surprise you that the following five celebrities are serious gamblers, both in their professional lives and in their leisure time.

Ben Affleck

When he’s not taking down baddies as Batman or directing Oscar-winning movies, this dimple-chinned hunk can be found playing table games at casinos.

While he’s a respected, tournament-winning poker player, his real passion is for blackjack. Affleck has even been outlawed by a number of casinos because he’s simply too good at the game, which is his most impressive accolade outside of the awards he’s earned in front of the camera.

50 Cent

Sports betting is getting more popular with celebrities, and rappers like 50 Cent are definitely leading the way, making outlandishly large bets on the outcomes of crucial events, and hitting the headlines in the process.

Back in 2012 he boasted about wagering half a million dollars on the outcome of an NFL match, which was apparently successful. He then claimed that he would be giving the winnings to his grandmother.

The fact that he went bankrupt a few years later might say more about his laissez-faire attitude to money in general, rather than his ability to pick winning teams in particular.

Shannon Elizabeth

She may be best known as a result of her appearances in teen comedy franchise American Pie, but Shannon Elizabeth is also a poker player with professional-level capabilities.

Having developed a passion for the game during the first decade of the 21st century, she entered various tournaments and played in exhibition matches.

While she may not be as involved in the poker scene today as she was a decade ago, spending more time on her charitable efforts in South Africa, it’s clear that her skills were significant enough to set her above most other celebs.

Pamela Anderson

Never one to avoid making a risky decision or two, the former Baywatch actress has been a fan of gambling for many years, reportedly settling a quarter of a million dollar poker debt by getting married.

Whether she still dabbles in this kind of activity is up for debate, and it certainly seems that she’s not quite as much of an expert as Shannon Elizabeth. But like many players, it’s likely that the thrill of winning big was enough to keep her coming back for more, whether or not she had a good chance of actually succeeding.

Bruce Willis

When it comes to gambling, Bruce Willis is apparently a bit of an all-rounder, indulging in sports betting, casino games and everything in between.

He’s also known for fronting a band, occasionally hitting the road to play low key gigs in various parts of the US. This is something he links with his love of gambling, as he often ends up hitting the tables at the nearest casino after each set and wagering significant sums in the process.

When you’re making millions a year, it’s easy to see how a few thousand dollars here or there make little difference. The one certainty is that some stars are better equipped to cope with gambling habits than others.

Written by CelebMix