ORLANDO, FL - NOVEMBER 17: Harry Styles of One Direction appears on NBC's Today Show to release their new album "Four" at Universal City Walk At Universal Orlando on November 17, 2014 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images)

5 ways Harry Styles shows off his heart of gold

Harry Styles is a man of many talents, many positive attributes, and many gorgeous curls; but perhaps the most incredible thing about him is his loving, giving, always open heart.  You’ve seen Harry’s name tied to many scandals in the media – but what you’ve not seen enough is the truth behind who he is, the way he puts everyone’s happiness ahead of his own.

Here are 5 (of the many) incredible ways Harry has shown us his kindness and that heart of gold.

5. Acknowledging the He for She Campaign

Harry tweeted a photo of himself on September 25th of 2014 holding a sign with the hashtag @HeforShe.  He followed it up by tagging UN Women and Emma Watson which immediately brought mass attention to the cause.  HeforShe is a movement for gender equality which showcases how important it is for women and men alike to come together to make the world better and more fair for everyone.

4. The Lalela Project

Harry took time off from OTRA in April of 2015 to spend a day with underprivileged children that are helped by the Lalela Project.  What made this act so special was his desire to do this all on his own – he saw children in need and wanted to come make a difference.  The project allows children of poverty and poor circumstance a creative outlet through art.  Harry impressed the children and coordinators alike and even wore a luggage tag made for him by the children on stage.

3. Meeting fans – off the record

On more than one occasion Harry Styles has heard pleas of children or families that wanted to meet him and answered them with no publicity.  When Harry does something out of the goodness of his heart, it is never because of a desire to be noticed or gain exposure – he just wants to make other people happy.  Earlier in the year a small newspaper reported that Harry met with a 16 year old named Abbie from Scotland.  She has a rare cancer and upon hearing about her story, through The Rays of Sunshine charity, he made her dreams come true.  This is just ONE example of the countless times he’s done something great for a fan.

Another time that Harry went above and beyond was during a meet and greet event where a fan had a panic attack.  A girl named Ruth had begun to hyperventilate during a chance to be in the same room as One Direction and was taken off to the side to calm down; in true super hero fashion (less cape, more sparkly boots) Harry broke across the barrier to comfort Ruth and make sure she was alright, hugging her and telling her that he loved her.  The video makes our hearts melt.

2. One Direction’s trip to Ghana

Alongside his bandmates Harry Styles helped raise money and awareness of the standard of living for children in the poverty stricken country.  The boys paid a visit to Princess Marie Louise Children’s Hospital which was a somber moment for all of the lads; they saw sick children, some of who wouldn’t make it, because they had no protection against deadly diseases.  The boys asked for fan help to donate money so children could be vaccinated against these diseases and have a chance at life.  Upon returning Harry tweeted a thank you to @rednoseday for having the boys and saying they’d return soon. Harry’s vulnerable honesty in this video says everything you need to know about the kind heart housed inside his chest.

1. Being a voice for love.

Harry has shown us time and time again that love is one of the most important things to him.  He tells fans at every show that he loves them, he talks about how much he loves his family and friends, and more than that – for everyone – he talks about how all love should be accepted and welcome; everywhere.  He has taken to social media to congratulate America on finally making all marriage legal; he’s posted rainbows to show support for those who love and were made to feel wrong for it; and he’s done what some fans say is his greatest act and made all fans feel welcome at One Direction concerts.

In 2013 he tweeted in reaction to the WBC picketing their concert.  He has done more than just that though – he says that at One Direction they love all kinds of love and it’s all welcome there.  Harry has draped rainbow flags around his body and danced across stages with them, he’s acknowledged rainbow signs in the crowd, worn rainbow bracelets, and tells fans to do what makes them happiest in the world.  Harry creates a safe haven, even if just for a few hours, for some fans who never experience that otherwise; and what act is more heroic than being safety personified for someone?

There are a thousand more reasons we could talk about Harry and the lovely way he shows his heart of gold, we could tell you about every thing he’s done for the good of others but that would be an article that never ended because Harry’s kindness never stops.

We look up to you Harry!  Thank you for being a beautiful light in this world and a vision of hope for so many.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.