5 ways Louis Tomlinson is an actual Prince Charming

Louis Tomlinson: boy-bander, song writer, and super hero; at least, that’s what true fans of him know him to be.  Louis has an image in the media that is quite the opposite, but with fame comes people who try to devalue hard work.  It’s with a happy heart that we at CelebMix bring you just 5 times (of many) that Louis showed us how incredibly lovely his spirit is.

5. Bluebell Wood’s Children’s Hospice

Louis has worked closely as a patron for Bluebell Wood’s Children’s Hospice since 2012 and has preformed many major acts of charity and kindness for them.  His first was a  charity football match to support the Hospice in 2012 and the organization was thrilled!  Just setting up a match to bring in money wasn’t enough for Louis though.  He stopped by – in secret – to the hospice to meet the children, staff, and families there and they had nothing but wonderful things to say about Louis as he posed for photos, signed autographs, and heard the stories of the little ones he was helping.

Louis has continued his charity match to support the hospice each year and has also teamed with them to design bags, sign merchandise to be auctioned off, and paid visits to the center since he became patron.  He says he is amazed at the work done by the hospice and he feels incredibly blessed to be able to give back because of the hard work they do.  You can support Bluebell Wood alongside Louis Tomlinson in different acts of kindness yourself!

4. The Eden Dora Trust

Louis has a heart for working with children who have illnesses and diseases that make their way of living hard.  His passion and desire to raise awareness for causes was showcased again when he became a voice for the Eden Dona Trust.  This trust raises money and awareness for Encephalitis and acquired brain injuries in recognition of Eden’s story.  Louis is a patron for the trust but also a friend of Eden’s and has spent some of his down time with her and her family.  It’s incredible to see his kindness shown in such a way that allowed Eden to become someone very important to Louis.

3. One Direction’s trip to Ghana

We can’t talk about Louis’ kindness without mentioning the time he traveled alongside his bandmates to Ghana to raise money for underprivileged children in the poverty stricken country.  The video shows him ask for help and donations to allow these kids a chance at a better life.  He’s seen talking to two kids who’s dreams are to get an education and become a teacher.  Louis gets emotional as he clears his throat before remarking about how brave they are.  Louis may have been close to tears but the children he met that day were graced with smiles because of his kindness.

2. He protects and respects his fans

As fans of One Direction – sometimes you receive a lot of flack.  You’re either too old or too young to properly enjoy a boy band.  You either like pairings too much or too little for your opinion to matter.  You should be more of a fan this way or less of a fan that way and it’s just exhausting.  Louis has noticed this and come to fans defense not only in person but on the internet too.  Louis is the eldest of many siblings and his protective nature probably started there but it’s definitely grown and keeps all of us feeling loved and respected by himself and the band as a unit.  Louis’ kindness has spanned from sassy snarky tweets to those who speak ill of fans to telling them in person that they’re brave and important regardless of who they are, who they love, and what others think.  His statements are not just a few phrases that are shrugged off lightly.  These words absolutely make the lives of fans that he protects, that he stands up for.  Louis uses his voice, and he does it to protect those who love him.  It’s one of his most admirable qualities.

1. The time he was actually Prince Charming

Fans of Louis Tomlinson were all floored on August 10th when he hosted a Cinderella style charity ball for the children who are helped by the Believe in Magic charity.  Believe in Magic aims to help sick children turn their dreams into reality and Louis did just that.  Along with his mother Johanna’s help he took the pain and difficulty out of the lives of princesses and princes for a night and it was the most incredible thing in the world.  Louis went all out with food, decorations, party fun, and even hired paps to make the little ones feel like stars.  Even more important than that – he spent his time with the children that evening and made sure their nights were going just as they’d dreamed.

Louis also had an auction at the event to further raise money for the event which had items donated (a fan favorite t-shirt from Harry and a guitar from Niall who couldn’t make the event).  He also donated more money out of his own pocket at the auction and before the event to better the lives of the children.

Louis has done a number of great things with his fame and will no doubt continue to, but this event was one of the biggest ways he’s publicly shown how incredibly loving, kind, and generous he is.

It’s easy to see why so many people think of Louis Tomlinson as their hero, their idol, and their very own Prince Charming – and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Louis, you are a rare soul and we are privileged to call you one of our own heroes.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.