5 ways Niall Horan is the MVP

Niall Horan has been called everything from One Direction’s biggest fan to the glue that holds the band together – and fans are right to say it all.  Niall shows his incredible kindness and support not only for his band mates and fans, but the things he loves in his life freely and without reservations.  We could all learn a lot from someone who is so honest, compassionate, and is a personal cheerleader for the people in his life.

5. His work with IAA!

Niall Horan has worked with the Irish Autism Auction many times over the past few years!  One of his largest events was a celebrity charity football match in England in 2014.  The event was also attended by band mates Harry, Liam, and Louis.  Many celebs made it to the event which raised not only money but awareness to the cause.  The UK Hearts and Minds challenge was also a charity that saw the proceeds from this event!  He’s also hosted golf events where proceeds when to the IAA as well – this charity seems close to his heart and we love it!  Autism Disorders still have quite a stigma around them with a lot of misinformation and a lack of public understanding.  Niall’s help was incredible!

4. He broke a website just by tweeting it!

Niall was unable to take part in Sleep Out – but that didn’t stop him from getting the word out about the cause.  Niall’s friends from Kodaline started the night with a concert before taking to the streets to sleep.  Niall’s tweet temporarily shut down the site but fans were able to access it later and donate money to the charity fund Focus Ireland which donated it’s proceeds to the homeless shelter.  Niall using his voice when he couldn’t give his physical presence shows that if something is important to him, he finds a way to show it.

3. Niall gives his support to kids with cancer!

If you looked out for Liam’s involvement with Trekstock and the Great Gatsby Ball this year – you saw Niall smiling while proudly standing next to his mate (Louis too) supporting the charity.  Not only did Niall take the time out to help raise money for children with cancer, he did it to support a friend too.

Not only did Niall stand by Liam’s side at the Trekstock event, he’s taken time out on his own to visit kids who are plagued with cancer and one child’s mom even credit’s Niall for being part of the reason her daughter survived a cancer doctors thought would kill her.  That’s a massive thing to credit someone with – and Niall is the one to carry the honor.

2. One Direction’s Trip To Ghana

Niall took to the streets of Ghana and saw how the children there had to do work harder than most of us will ever do – just to bring home what would be mere cents to us.  The emotion all over his face was easy to read – Niall was taken back by the standard of living and care that exists in the poverty stricken country.  Niall asked fans in the video to help improve life for the people who struggle there daily.  Upon his arrival back to the states he tweeted that we take a lot for granted in the states and by our way of living and that being there was a real eye opener.  It’s good to see that someone of his circumstance could still be brought to are so deeply about people who’s living conditions just aren’t fair.

1. He is everyone’s favorite cheerleader.

At the end of the day – what’s one of the most important things to most people?  Having someone on their team, having someone who roots for them even when times seem tough, and having someone who genuinely cares.  Niall eclipses those emotions and then some easily – which is why he is easily One Direction’s MVP.

Niall has been vocal about his support and love for many things over his time in One Direction.  The love of his country, the love of derby, the love of golf, the love of his friends and family back home, and the love he has for the lads he stands next to on stage, the ones he travels with around the world, the ones who have become family to him over the last five years.

Niall is the first member of the band to congratulate another when something awesome happens to them, he’s likely the first one they call if something happens that’s not so great too.  Niall’s personality is one that makes you feel comfortable, no matter what – be it drinking a pint or having a heart to heart – Niall would make you feel like you were on top of the world no matter what.  That’s what makes him so special.

A lot of people go without positivity in their lives, too many people not finding a source of light or acceptance, so people like Niall; ones who truly seem to find the good in everyone and everything are rare souls – important ones – ones you hold on to tight once you’ve found them.

Celebrities are expected to get tough with fame, some forget who they are and where they came from, and some seem to forget about anyone who they no longer deem important, the beautiful thing about Niall – you never have to worry about that with him.  Niall takes the time out to respect everyone, to respect where he came from, and to support and protect his fans.

Niall is definitely someone to look up to if you could use a positive spin on your own life, someone to admire when you think about his kindness, and a very vital part of One Direction!


Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.