5 ways to pass the time when waiting for your favourite singer to come on stage

Going to see your favourite performer live is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences as a fan. Not only do you get to hear your favourite songs live, but you get to be in the same room as your idol and be surrounded by other people with the same passions. But let’s face it: the concert experience can be boring and you can spend so much time queuing and then waiting for your fave to come on stage, even more so when you’re camping out to be at the front of a standing room.

Below, we’ve put together a few different ways to pass the time when you’re next waiting…

Make some new friends

We’ve just touched upon the fact that everyone at the venue is in the same boat. Everyone’s there to support their favourite performer and naturally, you might have some common interests. Why not start a conversation with the people you’re stood or sat next to about your experiences, your favourite songs, and other artists, movies, or TV shows you might like? You might soon make friends for life, and the time queueing will be much less tedious and lonely with new pals with you.

Play a game

Make sure you bring a portable phone charger and consider playing a game on your phone to pass the time. It could be something as simple as Pokemon Go or even an online game that offers free spins no deposit – whatever it is, a smartphone game will no doubt make waiting more enjoyable.

Listen to music

If you really want to prepare yourself for the upcoming gig, why not pop in your AirPods and listen to a few of your favourite songs to pass the time? This is really useful if you’re yet to master the lyrics of every song – listen to them on repeat for an hour or so, and you’ll be prepared when they take to the stage. There are lots of websites that reveal concert setlists if you want to be ultra-prepared, too!

Check out the merchandise

A big part of going to a musical gig is checking out the merchandise and treating yourself to a new t-shirt, hoodie, or keychain to remember the night. Some of the world’s biggest celebrities, like Lady Gaga and Harry Styles, go all-out with their merchandise to get fans to part with their cash. Check out your options and remember: if you don’t want to carry it around with you throughout the gig, you could buy it at the end of the show or visit their online store, as most carry the same items of stock.

Update your fan pages

If you run a Twitter or Instagram account for your favourite singer, then why not update them and let people know you’re at the gig? You could share pictures and videos throughout the show to help your followers and friends feel like they’re there, or you could even live stream the event to gain some new followers. But remember: you’re at the gig for you, so know when to put down your phone and have some fun. Live in the moment; treasure the experience for years and decades to come.

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Written by Monella