Five YouTubers you’re probably not subscribed to but should be

The summer holidays seem so fun and exciting, but when you don’t want to go outside, you’ve eaten all the food in the house and watched every series on Netflix… Twice, you become very bored. 

Well, I have a cure for your boredom! These are the top 5 youtubers you should watch on those very boring summer days.

Niki and Sammy


If you’re looking for a laugh, you’ll find yourself falling in love with these peanut butter obsessed twins, they create a wide range of content consisting of challenges, tags, collaborations, recipes and just plain weird videos. I promise you’ll be able to tell them apart eventually (we all struggled with that at first) Just remember! Niki on the left, Sammy on the right. Their channel is NikinSammy.

Sam King


Sam King can be described as ‘banterous’ (well he thinks that) and he is also very good friends with Niki and Sammy. His videos are similar to the twins, but instead of being obsessed with peanut butter, he loves sushi and burritos… They all seem to be obsessed with food? He has a loveable personality and his videos are fun. Have a laugh on his channel which is Samkingftw.

Settle Down Kids

Settle Down Kids are an American collab channel which consists of members Jonah Green, Joey Gatto, Ryan Abe, Josh Sobo and twins Adam and Nick Buongiovanni. You’ll be getting videos 5 times a week which is always great. Their videos are basically everything, theres always different things going on. They all have main channels so if you find yourself in love with one member in particular (*cough* Jonah Green *cough*) make sure you subscribe to SDK.

Lucy and Lydia


Ok so I know its more twins BUT Lucy & Lydia create very different content to Niki and Sammy. Their videos are mostly to do with beauty, lookbooks, makeup tutorials and recently they made a video with Little Mix which was adorable. These twins are definitely the best to go to if you need to smile or if you just love beauty. Watch Lucy and Lydia!



And last but not least we have LaurDIY. As you can tell by her name her channel is mainly to do with amazing DIY’s. Your clothes need jazzing up? You want to redecorate your room? Or you need to learn a thing or two, you’re at the right place! Not only does she make creative DIY’s but she also does hacks, lookbooks and essentials. Her channel amazing and she is adorable, you need to check her out if you want something to do this holiday.

I hope now your holidays aren’t as boring, have fun!


Written by CelebMix